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Thread: Afraid of flying

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    Does anyone have any hints or tips for things to do for a nervous flyer I know I'll be ok once we get there until I start worrying about coming home but Im really worried about getting on that plane in the first place

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    Speak with your Doc. Quite often there are very simple measures to help someone get through the fear of flying.

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    I'm a nervous flyer too, so bad that once someone had to drag me out of the loo's at the last boarding call The last couple of years I haven't been quite so bad - well, at least i've got better at hiding it! I don't know what the answer to it is, but just wanted to wish you well and hope your journey isn't too bad - just keep thinking it'll be worth it when you get there

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    A friend of mini is a clinical hypnotherapist and she treats quite a fee people that are nervous flyers. She told me you have to go a few weeks before you fly to make it work sucessfully.
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    I have claustrophobia & a fear of heights, so flying is difficult for me too. I use a homeopathic remedy for 5 days before flying and lots of Rescue Remedy on the journey. I also have a lavender pillow which is very calming.
    You could either go to the doc and get something or visit your local homeopathic practioner for advice.
    Good luck.

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    Im also a VERY nervous flyer, however I cant really offer any solutions.. just some tips...

    I take with me books, magazines, and my ipod....
    try to have a good meal the night before, and convince myself that nothing will happen...
    hold someone's hand for take off and landing (only works if Im not travelling alone though, hahaha)

    if all else fails, I do get a drink to calm me down

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    A couple dramamine and a beer before the flight works wonders for my wife.

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    My Mum is not *really* nervous, but she does not like flying. She actually found that the looonng flight to Florida was quite soothing as she was there for that long it didn't feel like she was flying :/ That doesn't make a lot of sense to me but it put her at ease. Perhaps because she is used to 2-4 hour flights and touch-down always being 'imminent'.
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