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Thread: Dining plan good idea or not?

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    I still cant decide

    The dining plan with 1 quick, 1 counter, 1 table, has anyone actually done it????? It sounds like a good idea to prepay and they claim it'll save 30% off the cost of disney meals if we were to just pay but looking at the disney menus I'm not sure it really will.

    How do the credits actually work in practice and do you get treated more poorly than people paying cash for their meals?

    Are there limits on what we could choose ?

    I see there's no alcohol either so if we want a glass or two how do we go about that?

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    You'll pay out of pocket for alcohol and appetizers. I think (stress on think) that some of the signature restaurants limit your choices, at least that is what I thought I'd read once upon a time.

    I am not a fan of the DP. Some people are, and I guess if it's free it'd be silly to say no to free food, but if you are purchasing it, I'm not convinced that it's a good deal.

    Keep in mind that we had a TERRIBLE experience with the DDP so I'm pretty biased against it.

    When you use the DDP you are given a receipt that you need to check carefully after each use to be certain that you have the correct number of credits remaining. There have been instances of too many credits used for a given meal.

    I personally think the DDP has done major damage to the quality of food and service at WDW. I know when we are asked if were are on the DDP and we say no, we get big smiles and generally, excellent service.

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    We paid for it back in 2007 but back then you got an appetizer a main course and pudding, also the tip was included. It was fine we didn't have any problems although there was soooo much food. We had 4 counter service meals and 17 snacks left at the end of our holiday. We also felt like we were permanently eating or thinking about eating lol.

    However now that our youngest is 10 it wouldn't be cost effective for us as he lives on bread, fruit pasta and cereal when he's in Florida. With the occasional Mac & Cheese or steak. He likes his food plain and as he would be paying an adult DDP price but eating next to nothing I don't think we would pay for the DDP again

    but...... We have been offered it free for next August so will obviously take it. We will also be more sensible about where and how much we eat.

    We didn't use it at Christmas and I much preferred not using it to using it. I can't really pin point why. I think if it is prepaid then you often order what you think is the best value or a pudding even though you really don't need it. It's almost like well I've paid for it so I better eat it lol

    Oooh! I think I've rambled on a bit here.:biggrin: Sorry

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    Nothing to be sorry for! Very good advice and insight into the DDP. I've heard that time and time again, that folks order and eat what they think they should for a good value instead of ordering what they want. Thanks for sharing!

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    Wow! Great points I hadnt considered!!

    For us, this trip its free, so we are definetly taking it...

    but.. I think we would still take it even if we had to pay for it... especially for character meals (buffet ones) and for breakfast at the resort's foodcourt..
    I like the idea of having MOST paid for, and it really does make a difference paying 10-15usd a day on whatever extra you want to paying 50-70usd a day on all your meals..

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    You can use it against character meals etc and when it is free it is a great deal. Considering we discount the disney hotels anyway people are then getting an even cheaper deal.

    Everyone I have spoken to have been really pleased with it all considering the price to eat in the parks now!
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    I think it's all about how you eat as a family, I couldn't eat counter service more than once a day,even then we usually don't go the burger, hot dog route. We pay oop for breakfast, we usually have somethiing small, yougurt, fruit a bagle ect. If we have something more we split it. Counter service lunch and sit-down for dinner. We would do this with or without the DDP. We have consistently saved at least $300 -$350. per trip. We look at the menus before we go, pick our places and do our ADR's. We eat as much as we normally do, which means we never clean our plates or try to eat more because it's paid for! But I admitt I like the fact that I can order steak without thinking of the price on occasion! And we don't have to carry all that cash with us.

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    Hi we have the DDP ( free ) this year because we are staying in a Disney Villa,otherwise it would cost us about $800 for a week (family of 4 adults 1 child ).We spent ages working out where we can eat book ADR's and have character meals.
    Will see how it goes,and if it is worth doing again.

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    Yep, free puts a whole different spin on things. Doesn't matter if you use all your points or not, and you feel freer to choose what you actually want instead of worrying about "getting your money's worth."

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    We used it and thought it wasn't bad. It does save money but it takes a lot of planning to make sure you make the right restaurant choices if you want to get the best savings.

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