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Thread: polar express?

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    Has anyone been on the polar express ride at seaworld yet ? I think the youngest would love it but I havent seen anyone mention it at all which makes me wonder if its rubbish

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    Not sure I can tell you MUCH about it but I'll try a little.

    I was looking forward to this one, love the film There's a choice between the ride side and the non-ride side, you decide which queue to get into.

    We chose the non-ride because I'm a chicken. This side gets you into a smallish room and you watch some clips from the movie basically. Definitely nothing special. After that you walk out you go through some corridors and there's santa clause in his sleigh and it's all quite christmassy (ish)

    The other side of the queue takes you to a motion simulator which does a passable job at shaking you around like a train would, kinda.

    After that, there are penguins and a few other animal displays.

    To be honest, it's ok as a little exhibit but I got the feeling the polar express element was pretty superficial.

    It's not that it's BAD it's just not as great as it could have been. Worthy of a visit but not worthy of a huge queue
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    I've not done it, so keep that in mind. Anything I've heard about it is as Keith says, it's not truly Polar Express. Some local folks think they tagged it with that name solely to get people's interest.

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