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    I really like this essay written by an 11 year old interviewer at the NYC premiere..

    First Ill put her article, and then another take on what happened which I found really REALLY nice

    Well done Daniel!!

    Harry Potter Opens July 15

    Magic and mysteries in the air at Harry Potter’s New York premiere.

    By Danielle Azzolina | July 13 , 2009

    Source: Scholastic News Online
    fI was like a seeker in the game of quidditch, but I wasn’t searching for the golden snitch...I was searching for the golden actors who star in the latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. And like Harry Potter on his flying broom, I scored!
    At the premiere of the newest Harry Potter movie in New York City July 9, I stood along the red carpet watching as excited Potter fans crammed together behind metal barriers waiting for the stars to arrive. Some sported sorting hats, the signature round rimmed Potter glasses, and other mystical garments from the world of Hogwarts. Some held up signs. One read: “Honk if you love Harry.” And there was honking—and yelling and cheering and chanting. “Snape! Snape! Sirius! Snape!” It was magical!
    The crowd ignited with screams and cheers as the actors stepped out of their limos and onto West 54th Street in front of the Ziegfeld Theatre. There was so much excitement in the air you could taste it!
    Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter, was one of the first to arrive. Before talking to reporters, however, he walked along the other side of the street greeting fans and signing autographs. I could tell where he was by the location of screaming fans.
    While Radcliffe was busy, Warwick Davis, who plays Professor Filius Flitwick, showed up. This was his second premiere at the Ziegfled, he told me. He was also in the movie The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. He said the Harry Potter red carpet was much longer. I asked him to tell me about the hardest scene for him in Harry Potter. To give you his full answer would mean revealing the movie’s ending, so I edited his response.
    “It’s a very moving scene,” he said of one of the final moments in the movie. “When you’ve been so close to all the characters and then have to stand there and witness [something like that] it was really quite, quite moving for me personally as well as in a character sense.”
    Producer David Hymen talked to me about the hardest special effect, which was creating the infery, the underwater zombies.
    “We all have a feeling about how zombies should be and what they look like,” he said. “And so to come up with something that had a connection to zombies of the upper world, but that was unique to water, that was the most difficult.”
    Freddie Stroma, who plays the cocky Cormac McLaggen, a student at Hogwarts, told me about his favorite scene, when he goes into potions professor Horace Slughorn’s office with Hermione.
    “I got to do sort of cheeky grins at Hermione, trying to get her attention and she kept looking away; that was quite fun,” he said.
    I asked Director David Yates which scene had the most bloopers.
    “There’s a scene right at the beginning of the movie where we get Daniel, Rupert and Emma sitting in the burrows talking about how old Dumbledore is,” he said. “ I can’t tell you how many bloopers we got in that scene because they kept cracking up. I had to send them off the set for a while!”
    He promised it would show up in outtakes at some point—maybe the DVD.
    Radcliffe finally made it to the red carpet and it was my turn to question him. He has eyes that pierce right through you and a nice smile. He is also very gracious. I told him I had two questions to ask. First I wanted to know how he was most like Harry.
    “I think in the way that we value our friends,” he said. “Friendship is very important in both our lives. I think I have Harry’s natural curiosity as well. He’s interested in a lot of things in his world as am I in mine.”
    Before I got to ask my next question, anxious reporters began to call out questions to him and he asked them very politely to please wait while I asked my second question. That was cool!
    I asked him to explain how Harry has changed from the first movie to the sixth. His answer made me laugh.
    “Well, he’s gotten marginally taller,” he said. In a more serious tone, he said that the films have gotten darker from the first to this most recent. “I think Harry has had to become a lot tougher because of that,” he said.
    Tom Felton, who plays Draco Malfoy, was next along the carpet. I asked him what it was like to play such a bad guy.
    “I think it’s a lot more fun than playing a good guy really,” he said. “It’s great to play someone as far opposite of who I am in real life, so I really enjoy it.”
    Emma Watson, who plays Hermione, answered the same question.
    “Hermione has relaxed a little bit more now,” she said. “She doesn’t feel she has to prove herself so much because I think when she first arrived at Hogwarts she felt she had to prove herself.”
    I spotted Rupert Grint, who plays Ron, before he got to my spot on the carpet. I saw his red hair through the crowd. I could also hear chants of “Rupert! Rupert! Rupert!” as he got closer. I asked him about his first on-screen kiss.
    “It was kind of a big moment,” he said. “We were both quite nervous about it because we were in a room full of people who were shouting at us. It was a little bit embarrassing, but it was quite a bit of fun, too,” he said with a devilish look in his eye.
    If you’ve read the books, you know who Ron’s first kiss is with, but if not, don’t expect me to spoil the surprise!
    Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince opens in theaters nationwide on July 15.

    now.. here's another take on what happened..

    Out doing press for Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, the movie’s biggest star was faced with a room full of reporters whom he promptly ignored in favor of an eleven-year-old girl repping Scholastic News.
    New York Magazine has the text of the entire back-and-forth, and you can read Danielle Azzolina’s carefully-crafted piece at Scholastic’s own site, but we had to share a few highlights:
    Radcliffe (to other reporters): “One moment, one moment. I will come back to you. [Locks eyes with Scholastic News girl] Hello!”
    Girl: “Hey. I’m Danielle from Scholastic News.”
    Radcliffe: “Hello, Danielle! Pleasure to meet you.”
    Danielle: “This is an HONOR to interview you.”
    Radcliffe: “Oh, thank you. You’re very sweet. Thank you.”
    Danielle: “I’ve seen the first and second movies and read the first and second book and they are SO good. Especially the movies. I loved them, the movies!”
    Radcliffe: “Thank you very much. You’re very, very kind. They get even better than that, though, so when you get time or when your parents think you’re old enough, you must watch the rest. They’re very cool.”
    Danielle got down to professional business and asked Potter-related questions, and Radcliffe gave up his professional answers. But I liked this little bit of news as much because of how on-message he was how gracious he was to the girl. He treated her LIKE a professional, affording her a slightly better crack at him than the other reporters in the bunch but still respecting the spot well-earned (again, check out her well-written article) to act as a reporter for Scholastic.
    And when other reporters tried to butt in, he put the focus back on the girl, making it clear he understands his fan base and respects it - which I wish I could say about more stars of kiddie fare. Take, for example, a Jonas Brothers concert my neighbor took her daughter to last summer - the boys showed up several hours late, putting their start time well past the bedtimes of most of the kids in the audience. Then they played for less than forty-five minutes, leaving a host of disappointed kids. So much for honoring your fans.
    Did this make you like Daniel Radcliffe a little more? Or were you already happy for Harry?

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    they gotta know who the fans are. thats very nice

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    We just love the series at my house! In fact we're leaving in 30 min. for the midnight screening!!!!!!

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    What a lovely story and a great bit of reporting. It's nice to see someone who has already "made it" sparing time to support an aspiring and very articulate budding young journalist. I loved her report, very well written. I loved her natural honest when she said she had only seen a couple of the films and books! (I haven't seen or read any of them )

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