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Thread: Dining Plan w/pictures

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    I can't remember WHERE I saw this trip report about the dining plan that included pictures. I wanted to show Rick just what you got with this deal. He's all for it, but I just wanted him to see.
    Does anyone remember where it is? Or am I hallucinating from lack of sleep?
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    Ummmmm, are you hearing things along with those visions?

    I don't recall the thread so I'm useless to you. But I did want to snag this excuse to give you a hug. It is SO wonderful to see you here!

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    argh I think I remember it but I can't instantly find it either :/ we should bookmark the really epic trip reports somewhere shouldn't we?

    I'll look more tomorrow

    ( ps Bev GREAT to see you )
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    I have a lot of DDP pics in my 2007 report but it's more likely to be Jodie's as she had lots in hers too.

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