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Thread: How much or little do you plan?

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    we only plan what parks we want to do then decide the night before where...we find that better for us rather than a rigid timetable

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    We plan the parks beforehand and about 4 or 5 ADRs and then wing it

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    We usually plan around EMH for that night if we don't have PH passes, and of course most meals are now planned in advance. Honestly if we didn't have to plan our meals we would be quite relaxed. i remember the days it wasn't needed. You may not have gotten your first choice but there was always something on your list available.

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    We don't plan must as such, we just purchase the tickets we want and then decided when we are there what and when we are going to do them.

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    We make a note of the quietest parks for each day and then see how we feel when we're out there.

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    normally never plan just wake up and decide but with having to book dinning its been a bit more planned which i dont like

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    we dont plan that much, this year was our first time with 2 adrs
    we usually decide the day before what we are going to do the following day

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    The only things we plan are the things that we've had to book (like next time we are dining with shamu and KTTK tour), the rest is decided the night before.
    we've gone a few times now and we've always done it this way. id imagine some people will say we must be missing out on quite a lot by not planning - but that means we will have to go back again!! :wink:

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    We normally dont plan... ANYTHING.... last trip we planned 4 meals,a dn only made 3 of the 4 ADRs...

    However this trip we ARE planning, with free dining we had to plan where we wanted to eat most of the days, ande based of what Johnie was able to get us, we planned which parks to go to....

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    We stay off site ,so we normaly plan what park on each day. On our last vist we had booked CRT and Dine with Shamu so that dictated those two days.

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