We have carers come in to help with dd as she is getting bigger now. The first agency we had were hopless but the girls were lovely and trustworthy. I put up with the agency for a year but they were always letting us down at the last minute.
I changed agencies and have had them for a couple of weeks now. We have problems already. The girl that comes here said she was leaving September to go on to college (good on her) but i did not want to get medical staff to train someone just for 2 months. I would not be able to leave them unless they are trained as dd seizures are really bad. I spoke to the agency and they said they would not put someone in here that was leaving soon, although they dropped themslfs in it. As she said we knew she did not get on the course two days earlier and she phoned that day to let them know. Double dutch to me or they were lying. I told her it did not make sense and then she said oh we did have someone lined up to replace her. The carer then said that evening that she did not get on the course because of her police record :sigh;. Whilst i do not think it was any harm to anyone i need to trust her, and i agree everyone needs a second chance. She is working with my dd though which is a worry. Her age has changed 3 time since she started here. I also hear whats going on with other families.
So the question is do i swallow my pride and go back to the other agency for the bettergirls or do i stick this agency out.