Ok...as you ALL know...we're going to WDW. ALONE....Just me and Rick..as a couple...the two of us...NO KIDS.

That being said....I need some dining advice. Normally we do the quick meals, fast service, barely sit down and eat before someone has to go potty, go play, go something.

I've got 5 dining plan meal tickets (well soon anyway) in my hot little hands, and I want to do the NEW experience thing.

Some of you have mentioned Raglan Road...this is a must since Rick loves Irish pubs. Any sort of pub actually...breweries, too. Same thing? Who knows..I don't drink the stuff.

The Hollywood Brown Derby is on the list...is this a good place to eat other than Cobb Salad?

Buffet with the Characters at the Crystal Palace is one I actually want to do.

Restaurant Marrakesh...I'm daring. I'll try ALMOST anything once. But Rick has wanted to try this place since we first saw it.

Coral Reef Restaurant...I'm not good with moving platforms...so I'm iffy with this.

Biergarten Restaurant...LOVE German food.

Boma...I've got feedback on this one, but I could use some more.

I think that's about it......so...send in YOUR reviews! I plan on keeping them and letting Rick read them when he gets back from Tx.