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    just reading about Josh's new phone

    does anyone else just want a phone that calls someone- i've had loads of different ones with gadgets- cameras, mp3 player, tv etc etc the last one i got last year was the prada- very pretty, sleek etc- very good deal with every penny in cashback but i hated it - it took me half an hour every time i wanted to call someone. I have gone back to basics now and have a v3

    am i just getting old lol???

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    I totally know what you mean!

    I couldn't do without my iphone because working in the Internet I need to have the best access I can get at all times and the iphone means that I can get away without carrying something larger with me everything (just about)

    *BUT* the best ever phone I had was the nokia 8890i.. tiny little black and white screen <G> that made phone calls and texted perfectly
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    My phone just phones and texts - doesn't look pretty though but it does what I need it to. It's a Samsung SGH-C120 - only cost about 20 on PAYG as well.


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    Having a camera on the phone is handy but if mine does more than send and receive calls and texts then I don't know about it.

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    phew, my work phone is the basic Nokia- it stays charged for about a week ! and that's with being on call!

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