Just a tiny trippy- didn't want to put it in photography section as my pics are rubbish

About 10:30 we set off for the zoo, stopped for brekky on the way, think I had toast and Jam.

We got there, payed, and as the elephants are the first thing you see.. we went there.

the weather was glorious and they where very active :p015:


Next, We walked round until we spotted another animal, it was some type of donkey:

and we also found some ducks swimming around the perimeter of some type of tree animal who's name i can't call to mind! They where no-where to be seen so I got a shot of the ducks instead:

Next up.. to the 'islands in Danger' exhibit. They had a very very big Komodo dragon who is VERY impressive:p015:


Outside in the Sun!

Thenn I went over the the flamingo's for aunty dorothy!

Mingos must be shy animals as you can't see them very well from any angle, sorry about the rubbish pics!

Next up... Penguins and the orangutans!!

It's *Very* hard to snap a pic of these fellows. most of my others aren't much better than this!

When we got the the orangutan thingy we realised how hard it was to get a photo of the little blighters!

Shot number 2 (Still not much better unfortunatley)

Now this one is 'hirarious' (in Kathreya's words!) The little blighter was peeing right on another ones HEAD!!1

Now for my favourite bit, we went to the REPTILE HOUSE!! YAY!!

Firstly, the Aldabran tortoises, these are only young specimeins, they are VERY VERY large tortoises!

Now, the rhino iguanas:

And last but not least, the *tiny* egyptian tortoises!

Now, we headed to the aquarium, without wanting to sound big headed thses photos impressed myself! LOL

Since this post is *Very* pic heavy, I'll start a new one, stay tuned for part two!