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Thread: Is the wave a good place to eat?

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    I think it's at the contemporary and is pretty new? I've heard some good things and some bad so dont know who to believe really but the contemporary is a deluxe resort right so the restaurants there cant be too shabby?

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    We have not done The Wave yet. However, like you, we have heard mixed reviews. The Crown Jewel of the Contemporary is the California Grill.

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    We will be at The Wave for the first time on Sept.27. and will let you know how it is. I'm hoping it's not too bad!

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    OK but not great IMHO

    It's nothing like the california grill which is fine because why would you want two places the same anyway.

    We had our share of VERY VERY iffy staff at reception there when it had just opened, hope they've sorted themselves out in that regard.

    Once in, we had a server who was really nice actually but we couldnt understand what he was saying which slowed things down a lot. He didnt QUITE know the menu yet either but again, we went shortly after it was opened.

    The food was nice. Not in any way bad, but not spectacular either.

    All in all fine BUT BUT BUT the decoration is bad. You walk in through this great looking blue tunnel and arrive out into a rather confused dining area. The tables look more like cafe tables and the decor is rather down market yet you feel that they were trying for modern elegant.

    In the final analysis I'd say if you have a spare slot and you want to try something new, give it a shot but expect a pleasant, rather than spectacular, experience
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