OK It's Disneyland not Disneyworld but this would be my idea of serious fun.

On August 9th, Disneyland will open the after-hours doors of the classic attraction, allowing four lucky guests to spend the night in the Haunted Mansion. The opportunity is being offered to celebrate the attraction's 40th birthday in partnership with KLOS 95.5, a local classic rock radio station. The attraction will be open as usual on August 9th, but upon closing, beds will be set up in the stretching room in preparation for the evening's guests. Anyone wondering just how frightening this experience will be can watch a live internet feed from midnight to 6:00 a.m. the night of the event.

According to those behind the scenes, it's possible this overnight stay won't be an uneventful evening. Disneyland spokesperson Michele Himmelberg states, "The Haunted Mansion is 40 years old and, like any building its age, it may be full of creaks and other eerie noises throughout the night. The guests may also be visited by the 'occupants' of the Haunted Mansion."

The live internet feed is supposed to be available from 95.5 KLOS Southern California's Classic Rock