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    Can someone explain, in simple terms, very simple terms what it is and how it works? There will be a new savannah at my favourite animal kingdom lodge for DVC so I plan to ask next time Im there about buying it but I dont know if its good value or not

    thanks all

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    OK. It is a time share. But, you don't own it forever. You purchase it for a finite number of years. 50 now, I think.

    You purchase points. There is a minimum purchase of points, too. You purchase the points once (but you can always add on) and get the same amount each year.

    You book your stay and "pay for it" with points. The number of points it takes depends upon the time of year, where you stay and the size of the villa you need. Weekends are always higher point prices.

    You pay annual dues. You do not get anything free, per se but you can get discounts on some things (food, etc.) as a DVC member.

    You purchase into your home resort where you can then book up to 11 months out. All other DVC resorts you can book 7 months out.

    You can use your DVC for WDW resort hotels too. It's not considered the best use of points, but I've been happy to do it.

    You can use the points for the cruise. You can use the points for a slew of other places to stay throughout the world. Yep, world.

    You can purchase through WDW/DVC or resale.

    I'm sure I'm forgetting some basic things, but how is that for a start?

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    Oh see? I knew I would forget an important basic.

    You can bank your points or borrow them. It works like this. If you've used up all your points in one year, but still want to book DVC in that same year, you can borrow points from your next year.

    If you don't use all (or any) of your points in one year you can bank them into the upcoming year.

    If you want to do an elaborate holiday you can bank your total points into the next year. When that year rolls around you can borrow your total points from the upcoming year, giving you three years of points to use on one holiday.

    There is a maximum number of points you can purchase, too. I think it's 2,000 but not certain.

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    We bought DVC last year with AKV being our home resort - we went to Saratoga Springs for our tour and looked at rooms for both resorts and the AKV's looked gorgeous. The plans for the new Kidani Village look pretty impressive too - just can't wait to use it now :p015:


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    How much do points cost? Or does it depend on your home resort?

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    Yes, it depends upon the DVC you buy into as your home resort. I think (heavy stress on the uncertainty) that Bay Towers at the Contemporary is about $114-15 per point and AKL is less. I know AKL is less, but can't remember the price. It is over $100 a point.

    Another factor to consider is the cost of the yearly dues, as well. That differs from DVC to DVC.

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    Forgive me for so many questions- but this is all new to me.
    We just booked our next cruise for Feb 2010- but I still have to book lodging next year- so this might help.

    Doing European cruise in 2012- so how can I find out more?


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