Mum's doing ok-ish, up and down but she seems to be listening to her body for once and doesn't run around and do too much when she *is* feeling better. Mind you, I did tell her off yesterday for putting her washing away and loading the machine with even more!

My Niece is not very well, she has a rash which appeared today but will hopefully prove to be a reacton to the medication. She's not eaten for days and her temperature went back up. The doctor is coming out to see her tonight.

DH may have cracked 2 ribs on our bike ride yesterday. He and DS10 were messing around with each others bikes while they were riding and he fell forward and hit his handlebars with force, he's been told to assume they're cracked.

DS14 and DS10 seem ok thank goodness, I've been really tired today, rotten headache and bad tummy. Feel a bit better now so hopefully will be fine by tomorrow as we have a nice walk planned.

Hope you're all ok, get well wishes to you Steven and anyone else who's poorly at the moment.