Well ladies and gentlemen of Secrets

I have been waiting to share this all with you and today l can.
Mr Bumble is not as much of a bumbler as l thought and his contract has been extended until the end of January 2010.
We thought this might happen and started to put plans in place, well today it has been confirmed and l am so excited.
Firstly it's only Mr Bumble and l going. Now this may seem harsh as we have 3 baby bumbles. But they are 16,13 and 9. We have never been away just the two of us and if we don't do it now l don't think my parents would be able to cope.
Sooooooooooooooooo here are the details
Friday November 6th stay overnight at Hilton Gatwick
Saturday November 7th fly Virgin to MCO
Return Friday 13th . Leave MCO at 19.40

and we are staying at POFQ
we are going during school time,so my parents should cope better. AND we have free dining. Mr Bumble took a little bit of encouragement for this. We were going to stay at the Gaylord Palms but with resort fees and city tax, there wasn't much difference. We were planning this trip on being an "ish" holiday, as in get to the parks at
9"ish". But a few things will be set in stone.
We have decided where we are going to eat and l can book these on MONDAY.
We will be eating at
Ohanas for breakfast
YS (2 TS credits)
1900 Park Fare
Le Cellier
Rainforest Cafe

Tell me what you think of those.

So that's it. I will do more of a pre-trip report.