I have spend hours, miles etc trying to find navy trousers for my daughter going up to senior school, M&S, BHS, Asda, Tesco, Savacetre, Tammy Girl, Next, Matalan you name it I have driven miles.

Went over excitedly this evening to Next to be told not you order pay for delivery and if they do not fit etc we will reinburse you, then they said Bluewater they have trousers, so they looked online and said No sorry no navy trousers, talk about computer says No!

So I thought that is it, off to Bluewater John Lewis had not so nice ones at a high price. Finealy M&S had racks of all colours with a few pairs of navy. It was like bees to a honeypot! Finely got some.

Why do schools say navy trousers when no one seems to stock them! These trousers must have cost me a bomb in petrol!