...while we were away our cat Mr Darcy went missing. Our poor housesitter was distraught, bless her. She went looking for him all the time, but doesn't know the area very well, and it's mainly just fields and woodland here so it's a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack. We were worried about him our last 2 days in Paris and although we had a lovely time it did take the edge off it somewhat :(

Since we got home early evening on Sunday we have been looking for him in different places, and I spent yesterday walking around fields and dropping leaflets off to houses - it seems his territory is a lot wider than we had previously thought after talking to people! Anyway, I know most cats do come home after a few days, but I think I'm extra worried as it's 2 years to the week that my cat George went missing, never to be seen again :( Also, we are surrounded by wheat fields and the harvesting starts today, which could potentially be dangerous and disorientating for him. Or of course it might drive him home

Some "come home right now Mr Darcy" thoughts would be most appreciated, thank you

Oh, and I will be doing a trippie for Paris...we did have a lovely time :)