Beth did not settle well last night and was still wide awake at 12pm which is not her. She was unsettled for most of the night and then at 4am she had a massive seizure, we administered her rescue meds which she seems to live on at the moment and then she went straight into another, we can now do nothing but hope. Just got the phone to get ambulance and she thankfully came out of it. She has taken all day to get back to her normal self. I am starting to worry now as they are getting worse and her new drug is not helping. She has stopped eating lately and her weight is falling off, she also wants to be in bad at 5pm and sleeps right through till 7am. We have an emergency appointment on monday to see her consultant thankfully.
I then had a meeting with social worker to sort out what's in her best interest, some of it is so stupid like if she can be strapped in her wheelchair and if she can use cot sides .
I then had an appointment to have ear candling as still suffering with my ears but i sat at the clinic for 45 minutes and the girl did not turn up. When i got home there was a message for me saying i would have to pay for not going . It turns out they told me the wrong clinic . I told them to phone the Camborne clinic and they will verify i was there so have to go again tomorrow but i will not be paying for today's. So roll on bed time.