Leaving early on Thursday morning to go to Bournemouth for a few days. It's a complicated trip in that we are not taking Liam my DS who is 16 .
He didn't want to come and as we are only away for 3 nights he is staying home alone.
He couldn't be turned and l didn't want my mini trip ruined. So every neighbour knows we are away. His BF's Mum knows and she lives 100 feet away. I'm not worried to much as he can be sensible and he knows what he risks if it al goes pear shaped.
Anyway to complicate it even more, l am going down by train. My DH cannot take any leave due to it being the first 3 months of his contract. So he is dropping me at Basingstoke train station tomorrow at 8.30am. Have pre booked ticket to Bournemouth 26.00 (1 adult and 2 children) single!!!!
We arrive at 10.15am . We will taxi to the hotel
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I love this hotel. We will drop bags off and go shopping and have some lunch. We will check in at 3pm and then go for a swim in the pool. My DH should be with us by 6pm. So then out for dinner and a stroll.
He has to go to work on Friday,so i think l might go to Castlepoint and maybe the cinema. Mr Bumble will come back friday night and hopefully relax for a couple of days.