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Thread: DLRP in November/December?

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    We arent going to WDW next year anymore for various reasons, so im looking at alternatives at the moment!
    DH wants to go to Devon next year which i have no problem with, but i would like to look into going to DLRP.

    We love christmas time in florida, not right near to christmas time as i know parks are always busier, but late november/early december time.

    What is DLRP like at this time? Is it busy? What is the weather like?

    Im just getting ideas at the moment, any comments welcome - thank you!!

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    Can't help with how busy the parks will be as I haven't been to DLP myself yet, but did you know they do the Christmas parties there like in Florida? Just thought I should mention it now as it might help you to decide on dates!

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    We have been at the end of November quite a few times, the Christmas celebrations are in full swing and the parks are really quiet. I mean really quiet!!!

    Most rides are a complete walk on at any time of the day.

    Be prepared for very cold weather though. We have endured freezing fog, pouring rain, allsorts. It isn't too bad if you are prepared though and DLRP is designed for the bad weather with plenty of covered queueing areas and the undercover arcades down either side of Main Street.

    We love it there at that time of year

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    Great - thanks for that, will look into it a bit more i think, just have to convince DH now!

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    It's a lovely time to go to DLRP. The hotels are all decked out and the tree is up in the Square. Christmas parades and shows. It is really cold though so wrap up warm. I do like the fact that it's cold though...makes such a change to WDW in summer

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    at the end of November, the beginning of December it is rather calm and Christmas decorations are there ... it is not a period of "scholastic" vacation
    it can be cold enough, therefore become covered

    it is really a very pretty period of magic

    excuse my write means ^^

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