Day 6 - May 15th 2008.

The plan for today - Universal Studios!

Woke up about 9am.. and spotted a few hot air balloons floating about.

After a short trip down the I4 - we got to Universal studios.. Only to find out it was the grand opening of the Simpsons ride.. Ohh OH! Thought it would be busy, but it honestly wasn't.

Now it was time for the ceremony! Everyone got a free Marge wig, woohoo! I didn't wear mine.. LOL.

The chairman of Universal Studios did a speech and bang.. it was open! Fireworks, confetti , ochestra with Krusty.. Really cool. We waited about 15 minutes and we were on the ride. It is brilliant! A tip though, try and get in the front row of the car.. the back row is effected a bit by the heads in the front!!

After Universal it was off to OL for a swim and a sunbathe.. last chance before NY!

We had a 5pm ADR at Ohana in Disney's Polynesian resort. Great meal!!!!!

Sticky wings, yum!!!!!!

Didn't get a pic of the skewers. But heres the banana bread pudding with Fosters toffee sauce , I drank it out of the jug in the end mmmmmmm

Great service from our server Wanda. ( Love that name)

Now it was time for a stroll around the resort, which is beautiful.

After the nice little stroll, it was time for Walmart.. LOL. So drove straight past the Orange Lake entrance and hit the one on the Us27. In there for an hour and back at the villa for 9pm. Early night tonight!!! Gotta leave the villa for 2.30am!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow - NEW YORK!!!!!!!!!!!