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Thread: Take me on a trip I'd like to go some day, Take me to New York 2008 - Day 7

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    Day 7 - May 16th 2008..

    Woke up at 1am.. ( went to bed at 10ish) , packed my case and we left for MCO , Orlando International. Never been to this airport before.. Was quite excited! We got there very very smoothly.. No getting lost LOL. Arrived there about 3am.. Saw the Continental check-in didn't open till 4.30.. poops.. So we sat and waited, I went online on my Itouch for a bit.

    Flight's on time.

    Then it was time for a Maccy D's brekkie!

    Once checked in - Seats 18a , b and c - Headed through security.. Very quick I may add. Hopped on a train woohoo and went to the Continental terminal..
    It was really empty.

    MCO is a really really nice airport - Far nicer than Sanford!!!!

    Boarded at 7am and pushed back soon after for our 7.30 departure.

    Can't fault continental at all, really good service and friendly crew.

    Coming into land in Newark.. eeeeeeee look at the weather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Quick exit from the airport and off to the taxi rank. Had a horrible taxi driver, we told him the full address of the hotel and he said OK! He couldn't speak any English.. Well not much anyways.. So we get to Manhattan ( WOOHOO!) and he tries to drop us off at this weird place??? Ive never been there before but I KNOW this isn't our hotel!!!! He said here ya go , financial district, we said errr Millennium Hilton?? and he argued no , you said financial!! Grrr!! In the end he did take us there.

    Walked into the hotel - WOW! #### think I'm in the wrong place!!!!!!!!!!!

    OHHHHHHH something exciting happened here, as the rents checked in, I spotted a celebrity!!!!!!!!!!! For anyone who is into club music.. I spotted CASCADA!!! WOOHOO! Took a piccie.

    IF that woman wasn't with her I'd of asked for a piccie with her.

    Got a room on the 43rd floor.. Wooohoo! Had to wait for it to be cleaned though, we got there like 4 or 5 hours before check in time , LOL!

    So left our bags with the butler ( LOL) and went next door to Century 21 - WOW! What a shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Soon after went back and our room was done.

    View of the hotel.

    View from the front of the hotel.. So hard to believe the twin towers once stood behind that wooden fence.

    View of the Brooklyn bridge from the 55th floor of the hotel.

    NOW , it was time to explore!!! Dinner was at Papa Johns - Veeeery good pizza!

    Eeeeeee! We decided to go uptown - ON THE SUBWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ICK! What a horrible experience..!!!!!!! Best part was , getting off at the Grand Central Station!!!

    The weather today is so horrible. It's raining so much!!!! My camera kept breaking, it was sodden with water!!!

    Times square

    We wandered about for an hour and we were getting very soggy - it wasn't nice at all. So we TRIED to get a taxi tot ake us back tot he hotel! OMG , it was rush hour on a Friday afternoon in the rain. NO CHANCE!!!!!!!! Tried for an hour and a half.. No luck! So we went in search of a restaurant. Found a gorgeous little American diner. I had cheese cake!!!

    Empire state from by Macy's.

    Now wet through, we go to a taxi rank and wait for an hour for a taxi, that did come. I was in bed for 8pm.. So shattered...

    Didn't have such a good day - first impressions of the big apple, really not so good. Luckily that all changes tomorrow Lots of pics in day 8...

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    Oh I have so been there too. Slogging around in the rain in NYC. Gorgeous views of the bridge though.

    The wooden fence still makes my heart ache.

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