...apple and cinnamon pie. (I do bake and cook....just never sweet, always savoury)
Well, I went out into the back garden to put some rubbish in the bin and noticed we had way too may apples on the tree. Normally we get the local kids to come and take the apples home for their mums to make pies, and we did this year too but still loads left. The tree has eating and cooking apples on it.

I picked half and half so that the pie wouldn't be too tart. Added sugar to them too....and a little icing sugar in the pastry.

Well, what can I say, my pie was absolutely .....awful! It looked amazing but, the faces I had to pull before I swallowed a mouhtfull was just hysterical. DH sat and ate his (bless, my hero)....all of it....the extra large piece....then told me that it could have done with more sugar.