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    Hello, my name is Jill and I just LOVE Disney World!

    We're planning a trip to Disney World October 3-10. My husband and I will be joined by our son, daughter-in-law and our four grandchildren, ages 13, 12, 8 and 4. We're staying at the Pop Century.

    I heard it's possible to "borrow" or "rent cheaply" a small refrigerator but I don't know who to contact. Can anyone help me?

    Also, are there any secrets to getting a discount on a Disney Photo CD?

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    Hi there and welcome to Disney Secrets

    Pop century is wonderful, I love it there there's this excitement and energy about the place.

    You're right, no fridges at the values unless you pay $10 a night OR you need one in which to store medication in which case Disney will happily deliver one to your room.

    You can also buy chill boxes from walmart very cheaply and even small fridges!

    There are schemes where people buy a fridge from walmart and leave it for the next person to come along but I don't know of any off hand.

    Photopass! Well I'll be watching too. One of our wonderful members will know for sure

    Again Welcome!
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    Hi Jill and welcome to Secrets.

    Walmart have a good selection of small fridges and I love their Black & Decker small pink fridge which is only $79. They have small fridges from just over $50 so it could be cheaper for you to buy one.

    One tip for the CD photo-pass is to "share it" you need to open a request on the forum to see if anyone is going at a similar time to you, just pre-order the CD and you will be given your photopass number - you share the number with whoever is included in the share and the cost. So for instance if the pass is $100 and you have 4 families sharing that would be $25 each plus the cost of copying your photo's onto a CD and posting them out to you once the "leader" of your particular photo-share gets them. You get thousands of photo's on each pass and we have done this in the past, it works very well.

    Before you open a request it might be a good idea to ask a moderator if we can do it on here. If the idea took off it could become a sticky - as far as I can see it's completely legal and doesn't infringe on any copyrights, etc.

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    Welcome aboard!

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    Hi welcome to Secrets!

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    We're going the same time as you & interested in photo CD sharing. I'd be willing to handle all the details & get everyone their CDs. PM me & i'll post it in the forum too. Then we can get some more people to share the cost.
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    I'm not allowed to "PM" you yet--since I'm new.

    Please explain how you think this will work. If I understand it correctly, we will all share the same "number" so all the photos taken of any of us at Disney World will be posted online to be added to the CDs. Do you see each of us being able to "add Disney magic" to our own photos before the CDs are ordered? I definitely want to edit my photos before CDs are ordered.

    Just let me know what you think. It sounds like it could be a good way to go.


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    Hello and welcome to Secrets Jill.

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    Welcome to Disney Secrets, Jill! We're glad you've joined us!

    There are a number of fridge swaps on The Dis. I joined one last year, but had to cancel my WDW visit. They're on the Budget Board--should be a sticky for fridge swaps. Just look at all of them for your resort (Pop Century) and see if there are any dates available during your visit. Usually, you just PM the swap manager when you find available dates. I haven't been on there for some time, so I'm not sure what's what and who's who these days.

    There also are rental firms in the Orlando/Lake Buena Vista area that will rent small refrigerators on a weekly basis. They deliver and pick them up from your resort. Go to your favourite browser and type something like "refrigerator rentals in Orlando, FL" and see what is available.

    WDW rents small (dorm size) refrigerators for $10 or $11 per night plus tax. Gives you an idea of costs.

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    I'm new too & didn't know we can't PM people yet. Maybe that's why no one has PM'd me back yet. LOL

    For the photoshare CD thing: I could manage it. I'd prepay & sign up & get a log in & password before the trip. I would share it w/ everyone that has paid me. Then, when we all get back from our vacations. Each person logs into the site using the log in info & adding the numbers on the backs of their photopass cards. Those pics would then be loaded onto that CD. You can edit & add the magic stuff to your pics. Once everyone had added what they wanted. I'd finalize the CD. Once I got it, I'd make a copy for everyone & mail them out. The cost would include the Disney CD cost divided between all those participating, the cost of the copied CD, & postage. I hope it makes sense. The biggest thing is that everyone needs to use the same log in & password. Other wise they can't be added later. Let me know what you think. Anyone else interested?
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