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Thread: Hi fellow disney lovers!

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    Hi Shayla and welcome to Secrets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Keith, post: 160937
    Welcome to Disney Secrets

    pssst. what did you think of the ending of Torchwood: Children of Earth ?
    i actually haven't had time to watch it yet sadly. i'm mad that it ended though.
    Hey I'm Shayla!
    Sing your heart out!
    Proud to say I'm Dr.Who and Torchwood obsessed!

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    Hello and welcome to Secrets.

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    Welcome to Disney Secrets, Shayla! It's great having young Disney-holics on board!

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    that's so nice to hear. on another board the teens weren't welcomed w/ open arms & so they stayed in the teen boards. I told her it was different here. thanks for proving me right.
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