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    I've asked this question before. The response I got was to check the school schedules. I it is so confusing. Too many countries, too many schools. PLEASE HELP: This will be 15 yo DD & my 1st trip to France & DLP. She turns 16 in March 2010. As I understand it, 16 is legal to drink alcohol in France. Is that correct? She has diabetes & so, I'd prefer she see's how her body reacts while she's w/ me. Instead of @ some school party w/no adults. So, from April on, when is the best time to visit. I'm trying to give her a great experience, but need to do it rather inexpensively. So, off season & cheaper flights is prefered. But, don't want to freeze to death either. Thank you for all your help. Also, any hotel or hostel tips for Paris & then near DLP. Also, if you could recommend a really good travel book.
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    I'm very sad b/c no one has answered my questions. I'm crying in my Cheerios.Please help me.
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    I'm sorry that I don't know anything about DLP personally so can't offer any advice. I just didn't want you thinking that you were being ignored

    Hopefully someone will be along soon with expereince from DLP

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    Hi, the legal drinking age in France was raised to 18 earlier this year to bring it more in line with the rest of Europe.

    As for the best time to travel??

    France does tend to have similiar weather to the UK, you could go in April/May time and the weather would be fantastic or it could be cold and raining. (It has been known to snow in April!!))
    Although generally speaking, May does usually have decent weather and the peak season prices haven't started yet. Remember as well, due to it's construction, Disneyland has it's own micro climate and is usually about 2 degrees warmer than the surrounding areas (they can't stop the rain though!!)

    I can't really help with Paris but Disneyland will always be quieter on week days than at weekends. Travelling between Disneyland and Paris is very simple by train. Personally I would stay in a Disney hotel but if that isn't an option check the train lines between Marne-Le-Vallee (Disneyland) and central Paris, that should give you an idea of areas to look at for accomodation.

    Have a look at this website for Disneyland info.

    DLRP Magic! - Disneyland Paris at the click of a mouse!

    and also vist the official site (US version)

    Disneyland Resort® Paris, enter the magic of Disneyland® Paris in France

    I hope this is of some help to you

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    Thank you for letting me know I'm not alone. LOL And thank you for the suggestions.
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