Sunday 30th November
Ok so Iím afraid there are absolutely NO pictures today and this will hopefully be rather brief as it was just a shopping day and I donít remember this in as much detail!LOL
So we were up at the crack of dawn with Aaron as usual but we decided that this morning we were just going to take it easy and take our time getting organised before heading out to do some shopping!
It looked quite overcast outside but it was really muggy outside so we had a feeling we might be in for some rain!
We got our selves organised tidied up the house a bit and got some more washing done before heading out.
We headed up the 192 and had decided that today we wanted to try IHOP (international house of pancakes). The kids like pancakes so they should hopefully eat something hereÖ.shouldnít they???LOL
Just as we were parking up the heavens opened up and it was a mad dash into the diner! We got seated in a booth and it was very busy!
Mum and Paddy ordered coffee and me and Kieran had Orange Juice while Aidan and Aaron had milk. The menu was wonderful so much to choose from! Ok so this is what we had:
Paddy : Breakfast Sampler : Two eggs, two bacon strips, two
pork sausage links, two pieces of
ham, hash browns and two fluffy
buttermilk pancakes
Me : Rooty Tooty Fresh Ďní Fruity: Two eggs, two bacon strips,
two pork sausage links and two
buttermilk pancakes crowned with
cool strawberry topping,
Mum : Pancakes with bacon and Maple syrup ( disgusting if you ask me but she likes it!)
Kieran and Aidan : Chocolate Chip pancakes
Aaron was in grumpy mode again so didnít order him anything.
I loved mine although by the time I had finished my bacon and eggs I really didnít have room for the pancakes! I had a bite or two out of one of them just to try and they were fab! Paddy managed all his plus my pancakes! Mum loved hers as well and the boys wellÖ.surprise surprise they didnít like them! They said the chocolate chips tasted funny! Never mind all in though I think it was approx £40 donít have the receipt for that one!
Ok so all suitably filled and loaded back in the car, we set the Tom Tom up for Florida Mall. We got there quite easily, again it was still raining really hard but we were going into a mall so who cares!LOL
Itís a huge mall but to be honest we didnít see much that we really liked or thought was a bargain! We bought the boys trainers in the skechers shop and that was about it really! But it take us a good hour or so to get round the place!
Anyway we decided to head out to Premium outlets! Well this was a whole other story! When we go back this would probably be the only other ďMallĒ we would visit as it had lots more of our kinda stuff and more reasonably priced too!
Canít remember what order we went round all the shops? We were there for about 5hrs and we still never saw everything we wanted!
We spent a lot of time in the Disney outlet store where we got LOTS! The kids bought themselves more cuddlies! Kieran got more Stitches in different costumes and Aidan got a Baloo and King Louie.
Paddy got a Grumpy zip up as it was getting quite cold and he didnít have a jumper with him, I got a pink Mickey Mouse hoody, scrapbook and stickers, some Pirates of the Caribbean watches for the kids stockings (only $2.99 each!) and a Pirates of Caribbean hoody for my nephew.
Paddy also got two pairs of Timberland boots and I got a beautiful Leather handbag from the Guess shop!
We were all knackered! But had a great day! The kids got a pizza that night from the Pizza place and we decided to get a Chinese from the little place at Berry Town Centre! We just ordered a few different things to try and it was really yummy! Paddy was very excited that it came in the little white cartons you see on TV!LOL He wants to know why our Chinese donít sell them like that!LOL
Sad I know! Anyway we had our dinner and then vegged out in front of the TV for a bit before heading to bed!
Tomorrow SEAWORLD!!!!