After we were done getting Papa Noel’s autographs and pictures we decided to have a look around Canada.

We ended up at the Circle-Vision 360 show hosted by Martin Short. It wasn’t as boring as we thought it might be and the kids liked the fact that it was “Jack Frost” from The Santa Clause 3!
When it was done it took us out into the Kidcot Station and here the kids made some masks and got their first stamps in their Epcot Passports!

We headed out of Canada and round to United Kingdom! We spotted the famous Rose and Crown pub

Where Paddy started his Beer around the world game!
We had a look around the shop in UK where they seem to think that all we do is drink Tea and listen to the Beatles!LOL Mum got a few bits and pieces in here for my Stepdad who is THE worlds biggest Beatles fan!
We then headed over to the toy shop!

Paddy thought he looked great as a “Bobby”!

We had intended on trying a hat on in ever y country but this never really happened I’m afraid! LOL
Kieran started to act up a bit and Aaron had fell asleep by this point. Aidan had spotted the Character meet with Pooh and Friends and was refusing to leave until he had gotten a photo and autograph – even though we already had them from Crystal Palace!LOL
SO I took Kieran and Aaron outside to wait while Paddy waited with Aidan!
I had the camera with me so we just got Photopass pics:

As we were walking around the UK pavilion we noticed the meet and greet for Alice and Mary Poppins! I honestly thought that it was just Mum and I that wanted to meet them but again the boys’ were desperate to wait in line! I was pretty long and I didn’t think they would want to wait, but we were lucky as a few people left in front of us so it wasn’t as long to wait!

We decided to have a little seat , Kieran had spotted entertainment ! I think it was something to do with King Arthur? How terrible is that I can’t remember what it was – to be honest it was only the boys who were watching it! Mum, Paddy and I just had a seat in the sun and had a breather really!