Well I will start with the good news first :D ............................

We have decided that we are going to go away :D

Chris had a few provisos, which I have agreed to

I've had to change our dates slightly because Chris would only agree to it if we could upgrade to upper class. It has only cost me an extra 60 and miles so it's not bad, we are flying UC for just over 500 He was really concerned about someone reclining on me, so he is happy about that now.

I have agreed to not insist on spending all day at the parks, I will take a stick with me and take things at a slow pace. If, it is all too much then I have said I will use an ecv, but I think if I am not silly and don't try to walk around say World Showcase in one go I will be OK

Now onto the bad news .......

The consultant has said that basically my knee is shot and it needs replacing. He said that because it is so bad, even though I would normally be too young for a replacement, I would be eligible for one :(

He was very good, he explained all the reasons why, if I can, it would be better for me to hold on for as long as I can. He said that when an older person has a replacement it is normally successful and they are happy. When a younger person has a replacement, they are often disappointed because their expectations are greater.

So, I have to have surgery when we get home :( it will be for an arthroscopy so that he can see whether the outside of my knee would support a partial replacement or whether it would be a full replacement. He said that he will also flush the knee through and tidy things up if he can. I have been told not to expect too much from it, hopefully he will be able to ease things slightly, but he said he can't guarantee it.

He wasn't keen on giving me a steroid injection because he said that it can lead to an infection, more than likely wouldn't but if I am desperate then he would be prepared to try one a week before we go away. One thing he did say though, was that if I have the jab, then he wouldn't do the op for 2 - 3 months afterwards. So if I can, I am going to try and avoid having one

There you have it, I have lots of things to organise, I've changed the things I can, but I have lots and lots to book.

Hey....................... I'm going on holiday :D :207: :207: :D