up nice and early as we had a reservation at tusker house with teresa and the kid, gave teresa a knock and we headed for the bus stop. Got to animal kingdom and made our way to tusker house,we had our picture taken with donald duck before we were seated, have to say the food was great and we all had lots of it too then we got to meet daisy goofy and mickey. After breakfast we made our way and did the safari,

then it was kalli river rapids

i must of been laughing so much that i pulled a muscle and had the most awful pain in my head, i couldnt even barely walk that was how bad it was. Teresa and the kids went on everest whilst i sat down for a while i took some tablets too hoping they would help and just tried to relax for a little while.It started to ease after a while so i had a turn on everest then we made our way to dinosaur even mr party pooper joined us on it, next up was character landing to get our pictures took with winnie the pooh, tigger and eeyore. We then took a slow walk to camp minnie mickey to get all our picture took there, we then went to see the gorilla's and hippo's then caught the train to the conservation area.
Then we made our way to animal kingdom lodge for a photo session we did this on the spur of the moment as i wasnt sure if i had cancelled it or not, so none of us were dressed up, once again our photographer was fantastic

but another cloud was loomimg and the rain was on the way. We said our goodbyes as teresa was meeting lisa for a reservation at boma's but we would be seeing her later at magic kingdom.
Went back and showered and changed unfortunately johnie was feeling very well so we wouldnt be meeting that night (maybe next time)we was meant to meeting teresa in the hub at 8.ish so i sent a text to see where she was, she was at haunted mansion so we headed over there once there no teresa she was now at btm so off we go again(i felt like anneka rice lol) got there NO TERESA lol eventually we found her and made our way back to the hub to watch wishes. But my foot was throbbing as i had been bitten a few days earlier so we said our goodnights and made our way back to the hotel.

tomorrow magic kingdom epcot and dtd