Anna & Elsa’s Royal Welcome Parade at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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    Anna and Elsa, the royal sisters from “Frozen†have been officially welcomed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.​

    “Anna & Elsa’s Royal Welcome†is a new daily procession that gives everyone a chance to enjoy the pageantry and cheer of the grand arrival of the royal sisters of Arendelle.

    frozen-parade-2.jpg frozen-parade-3.jpg

    The parade begings at the front of the park and Anna and Elsa proceed through the parade route in a royal horse-drawn sleigh, while their friend, Kristoff, travels on a Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post float. There are also plenty of royal entertainers, including a flag corp twirling the flag of Arendelle, a troupe of ice men performing a routine with ice picks, sliding skiers, skating snowflakes, and more. Upon arriving at the stage in the center of the park, the sisters receive their official welcome to “Hollywoodland†before returning to their carriage and completing the rest of the parade route, ending just before the Star Tours – The Adventures Continue attraction.

    frozen-parade-5.jpg frozen-parade-6.jpg

    Each day, 20-30 of young park Guests are going to be randomly invited to become honorary royalty of Arendelle and march along in the parade. Although these children are randomly selected to appear in the procession, word on the street is that one way to increase your chances of being selected is to dress and be seen in your Arendelle best!


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    Was looking forward to seeing this but the parade has basically 'pinched' floats/characters from MK's Christmas parade for the most part. Still cool for many though.

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