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Another Story From A Bona Fide Pin Trader

Discussion in 'Collections including Pin Trading' started by Tinker, Jan 7, 2009.

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    Jul 22, 2008
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    I found this article quite interesting . It is in a way how we all get hooked .

    Webster's Dictionary defines collection as an accumulation of objects gathered for study, comparison, or exhibition. I've been accumulating miniature pianos for several years, and I exhibit them throughout our home. My collection of pianos started simply enough. Many years ago my sister gave me a little wooden piano that played a little tune when you turned the crank. I loved it, so my mother thought I should have another. That's how it started. Even though I don't play the piano very well, I have a collection of a couple hundred little pianos – so many that take up so much space that I never intended to ever collect another thing. That was before my last visit to Walt Disney World Resort.
    The trip started innocently enough. As a member of the media, I was an invited guest for the gala celebration in December of Walt Disney's birthday. Attached to my press pass lanyard (a cord worn around the neck) was a collectible pin. A nice gesture, I thought, as I rushed to my first backstage tour.

    Over the next couple of days, I was stopped repeatedly by individuals asking if I wanted to trade my pin. "No thanks," I would reply. It was special to me just because it was a small token and remembrance of my trip.

    It wasn't until the last day of my visit that I learned the significance of that pin. It is a special issue by Disney and American Express to commemorate Disney's 100 Years of Magic celebration. It is a pin that cannot be purchased, so it has special collectible value. I was hooked. That last afternoon, I spent most of my time browsing the gift shops of the theme parks picking out pins to add to my new collection.

    I'm finding that I'm not alone. Shopping and swapping their way across the property, Walt Disney World guests have turned pin collecting into a bona fide craze. Guests bring bags, lanyards and vests full of their favorite pins to the theme parks to view and trade. Walt Disney World cast members wear special pin trading lanyards, and guests are encouraged to check out cast members' collections and offer trades.

    Another Bona Fide Pin Trader . :laugh:

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