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Attention Mac Users

Discussion in 'Gadgets and Gizmos' started by catrancher, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. catrancher

    catrancher Assistant Cruise Director Forum Host

    Oct 5, 2008
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    Cumming, GA. A small suburb of Atlanta.
    Be a bit careful with Time Machine.

    I had to replace my hard drive in my MacBook Pro yesterday. Ran that 320Gb one I had clean out of space. So, I went and got a 640Gb replacement drive. By the way, that's what I was pinging you about yesterday Keith. Anyway, figured I try to do a restore from my Time Machine backups. So, I installed the new drive, booted from my Snow Leopard installation DVD, formatted the new drive, and restored the whole system from my Time Machine backups. This was late yesterday so I let the restore run all night.

    When I got up this morning, everything had finished fine, so I rebooted my machine off the new drive. Seemed to come up OK. Or so I thought. Launched Safari. It immediately died. Tried it again. Same thing. Tried to launch Mail. It too died. Same error messages in the log for both programs! :eek: Some problem with the UI delegate.

    I didn't spend much time trying to run down the error. I really wanted to get my machine back up and running. So, since I still had the original disk drive I had taken out of my Macbook, I just popped it into an external drive caddie and rebooted my Mac off that. Then I used Carbon Copy Cloner to make the new disk drive in my Mac a carbon copy of the old one. That worked fine (witness the fact that I'm using my machine again)! :thumbsup:

    The moral of the story I guess is that if you're using Time Machine as your exclusive backup mechanism, you "may" want to do something else from time to time. Like make a duplicate boot disk on an external drive.

    I wish I had had time to diagnose what went wrong with my Time Machine backup, but I didn't. Just needed my machine back.

    Tom :)macwave:... a word to the wise!)
  2. Tink

    Tink Cead Mille Failte! Staff Member Administrator

    Jun 29, 2008
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    15 minutes (or so) North of WDW
    Thanks Tom. Sorry you had the troubles, but really good you were able to get your machine up and running again!

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