Busch Gardens Tampa opens new show announcement to guests

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    Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy will go dark on Labor Day. Not wasting any time at all, Busch Gardens Tampa will be announcing the all new show taking place in the Moroccan Palace Theater on Thursday September 8th. The show is expected to carry on the tradition of world class Broadway caliber shows that the park has become known for. And the best part? You’re invited!

    On Thursday, September 8th guests are invited to the Moroccan Palace Theater at 10:30 a.m. for a special announcement. They will get to learn what the new show will be, when it’s opening and even get to meet some of the cast from the show. Along with all the excitement, coffee and refreshments will be served as well.

    The theater has been home to many different shows, from the current acrobatic stylings of Cirque Dreams-Jungle Fantasy to the Broadway extravaganza Katonga, to even Ice skating shows. While speculation is strong on what could be replacing the current show, there is no official information about the upcoming show.

    What do you think would be a good fit for an African themed park? Would you like to see another Katonga style musical? Perhaps a new Ice Skating show? Maybe something completely different altogether? Let us know what you would like to see come to the stage of the Moroccan Palace Theater at Busch Gardens Tampa.

    Space for the upcoming announcement is limited, so be sure to get to the park early!

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    What ever the new show is, it can't be any worse than the current Cirque Dreams-Jungle Fantasy!!! This show is so poor it was embarrassing to watch.

    Just my opinion :D

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