Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy at Busch Gardens to end Labor Day Weekend

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    One of the most popular shows at Busch Gardens is about to end its eight month run on Labor Day weekend.

    The show was the brainchild of Neil Goldberg, producer of a franchise of full length Broadway Cirque Dreams shows. The version at the Moroccan Palace Theatre is pared down from a two-hour Broadway show - it features all the show highlights, while keeping the storyline intact.

    The show takes place in a jungle and features a visual feast for guests. There are three different jugglers, all with a distinct style of their own who share duties in the show, as well as three pairs of exotically beautiful, Mongolian contortionists, three dare devilish balancing acts, and three breathtakingly beautiful, aerial acts, along with a host of dancers, acrobats, singers, and musicians. All performers mix and match a bit during the day so each show is different, so you never know who - or what -- you’ll see next.

    This makes for an exciting experience for the people that work the show, as well as for the audience.

    If you are wondering what happens to the performers when a show closes. All of the specialty acts in this show are under contract to the Cirque Dreams company. When Jungle Fantasy closes, the acts will go on to do other shows with Cirque Dreams all over the world. As for the singers, dancers, and musicians who work for Busch Gardens, many of them are cross-trained in other shows in the park, so you very well may see them elsewhere. They may opt to leave Busch Gardens Entertainment family to pursue other opportunities.

    So... I’ll bet you’re wondering what’s coming next at Moroccan Palace Theatre! Well, it looks like Busch are going to have to keep us guessing a little longer, so stay tuned for more details and updates....

    What type of show would you like to see on our stage next?

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    All I can say is it's about time!! The photos they publish make the show look great but it is, in my opinion....pants.
    The woman who sings her way through the acts is the worst :unsure:

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