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Columbia Restaurant - Celebration

Discussion in 'Other Restaurant Menus' started by Slowhand, Nov 23, 2008.

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  1. Slowhand

    Slowhand Cruise Director Forum Host

    Jul 29, 2008
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    Staffordshire U.K.
    Columbia Restaurant

    649 Front Street,

    Phone:~ 407-566-1505


    The Spanish tradition of sharing Tapas
    [Serves 2-4 People]

    Tapeo Mixto
    A combination of Shrimp and Crabmeat Alcachofas, Albondigas,
    and Calamares Fritas. $22.95

    Tapeo de Mariscos
    A combination of Scallops Casimiro, Devil Crab Croquettes and
    Shrimp “Al Ajillo”. $24.95


    Langostinos “1905”
    Four Panamanian prawns grilled and dressed with “1905” sauce. $12.95

    Shrimp “Al Ajillo”
    Shrimp sautéed in virgin oil, fresh garlic and chilli pepper. $7.95

    Shrimp Supreme
    Marinated jumbo shrimp wrapped in smoked bacon and lightly fried. $8.95

    Scallops “Casimiro”
    Colossal fresh scallops baked in a clay casserole with lemon butter
    and topped with seasoned bread crumbs and white wine. $8.95

    Shrimp and Crabmeat Alcachofas
    Baked casserole of shrimp, crabmeat and artichoke hearts topped
    with grated Romano cheese. $8.95

    Calamares Fritos A la Romana”
    Tender calamari seasoned and lightly fried. $8.95

    Queso Fundido
    Spanish Tetilla cheese baked in Rioja tomato sauce with toasted
    Cuban bread. $5.95

    Mejillones y Chorizo “Andres”
    Named for Andres Sanchez who produced and provided our family
    with the best Chorizo, made right here in Ybor City. Fresh Prince Edward
    Island mussels and sliced Chorizo, sautéed and simmered with extra virgin
    oil, onions, celery, tomato, basil, spinach and garlic splashed with dry white
    wine and lemon. $9.95

    Cakes de Cangrejo
    Blue crabmeat “cakes” served with passion-fruit alioli sauce. $8.95

    Empanadas de Picadillo
    Spiced ground beef filled pastry turnovers with roasted corn and black
    bean salsa. $6.95

    Homemade beef meatballs in a mildly spicy tomato sauce. $6.95

    Black Bean Cakes
    Served with guacamole and sour cream. $5.95

    Croquetas de la Familia

    Devil Crab Croquettes
    A version of the original Ybor City Devil Crab Croquettes as sold on the
    streets by bicycle vendors in Tampa`s Latin Quarter. Six mini-croquettes
    with blue crab meat, Cuban cracker crumbs, paprika,onions and garlic.
    Our grandmother Aurora Gonzalez`s recipe. Served with Columbia Hot Sauce. $7.95

    Croquetas de Pollo
    Sunday dinner would always begin with our grandmother Carmen
    Hernandez`s special recipe for chicken croquettes. Six croquettes made
    with chicken and Cuban cracker crumbs and fried. Served with Columbia
    Hot Sauce. $5.95

    Croquetas y Croquetas
    Try our families` two favourite croquettes. Four Devil Crab croquettes
    and four Croquetas de Pollo. $8.95



    Cup $3.95 Bowl $4.95

    Spanish Bean Soup
    The soup that made the Columbia famous. The original recipe of
    Casimiro Hernandez Sr.. Garbanzo beans simmered with smoked ham,
    chorizo sausage and potatoes in a delicious broth of chicken and ham.

    Cuban Black Bean Soup
    Frijoles Negros prepared exactly like our grandmother, Carmen
    Hernandez did. Served over a bed of white rice and topped with diced
    raw Spanish onions. 100% vegetarian.

    Gazpacho Andaluz

    Spain`s famous cold soup of puree of ripe tomatoes, green peppers,
    onions, cucumbers and garlic. Topped tableside with finely diced vegetables
    and toasted Cuban croutons.



    Columbia`s Original “1905” Salad
    The Columbia’s legendary salad tossed at your table. Crisp
    iceberg lettuce with julienne of baked ham, natural Swiss cheese,
    tomato, olives, grated Romano cheese and our famous garlic
    dressing [our 100 year old family recipe of fresh garlic, oregano,
    wine vinegar and Spanish extra virgin olive oil]. Superb! $8.95

    Smaller version of our “1905” Salad served with entrée $3.95
    “1905 Salad” with Turkey $8.95
    “1905 Salad” with Shrimp “Al Ajillo” $10.95

    Lula Mae`s Chopped Salad
    A Columbia original and favourite. Named to honour the memory of our
    long time staff member Lula Mae who graced the Columbia nightly for
    48 years. Chopped salad of lettuce, tomato, hearts of palm, artichoke
    hearts, celery, hard-boiled egg and dressed with a Cabrales cheese
    garlic vinaigrette dressing. $9.95

    Beefsteak Tomato Salad
    This was the favourite of our father, Cesar Gonzmart. Thick sliced
    beefsteak tomatoes, topped with sliced red onions, and crumbled
    Cabrales cheese. Served with extra virgin Spanish olive oil and
    Balsamic vinegar. $8.95

    Caesar Salad
    Crisp Romaine lettuce tossed with Romano cheese and croutons. $6.95
    Served with entrée. $3.50
    Caesar salad with grilled chicken. $9.95
    Caesar salad with Shrimp “Al Ajillo” $10.95



    Tostones $3.95
    Platanos Maduros $3.95
    Champiñones “Al Jerez” $3.95
    Yuca $4.95
    “Good Rice” $2.50
    Yellow Rice $2.50



    Arroz con Pollo “Valenciana”
    Casimiro Hernandez Sr`s original recipe for this simple yet classic
    dish that helped make the Columbia famous. A combination of bone-in
    chicken sautéed with extra virgin olive oil and green peppers, Spanish
    onions, tomato, garlic, herbs and baked in casserole with Valencia rice
    then splashed with Chardonnat wine and topped with green peas and
    red pimientos. [Made to order, please allow extra time.] $18.95

    Pollo Champiñon
    Chargrilled boneless breast of chicken topped with a grilled sliced
    portabella mushroom and a rich Spanish Amontillado sherry sauce.
    Served with “Good Rice”. $18.95

    Pollo “Riojana”
    Boneless chicken breast breaded, grilled and topped with a Rioja
    tomato sauce and melted Spanish Tetilla cheese. Served with yellow
    rice and fresh vegetables. $18.95



    Filet Mignon “Chacho”
    In the memory of the spirit of our great uncle Evelio “Chacho” Hernandez, youngest son of the founder.
    This is our best selling center cut filet mignon with a rich sauce of bourbon, shallots, and mushrooms.
    Flambéed tableside with a shot of the world`s finest bourbon, Booker Noe.
    Served with roasted potatoes and vegetables. $28.95

    Filet Mignon
    Grilled choice center cut tenderloin. Served with fresh vegetables and
    yellow rice of potato. $26.95

    Filet Mignon “Columbia”
    Broiled tender center cut Filet Mignon wrapped in wafer thin bacon and topped
    with Columbia sauce of mushrooms, ham, onions, tomatoes, green peppers and a
    touch of garlic. Served with yellow rice. $27.95

    Delmonico “Sonny”
    If you truly want a great steak, this is it. Our favourite char-grilled, well-marbled,
    juicy 16 oz. bone-in-rib-eye steak. Served with roasted potatoes and vegetables. $28.95

    Ternera “Isabella”
    Tender milk fed veal dusted with flour, pan fried in olive oil and topped with fresh jumbo lump crabmeat
    and a delicious sherry béarnaise sauce. Served with “Good Rice” and vegetables. $23.95

    “If you haven`t been to Cuba or Miami lately, you probably haven`t had a steak like this”.
    Marinated top sirloin cut very thinly and quickly grilled, topped with mojo crudo [chopped onion,
    parsley and lime juice]. Served with platanos and french fries or rice. $17.95

    Steak Salteado
    Choice tenderloin tips are placed in a very hot sauté pan, then we combine Spanish extra virgin olive oil
    with a touch of garlic then add sliced sweet Spanish onion, green bell pepper, fresh mushrooms,
    diced potatoes, Spanish sausage [chorizo] and a splash of red wine.
    Served with yellow rice. $19.95

    Roast Pork “A La Cubana”

    Generous slices of roast pork, with a delicious marinade. Served like back home in Cuba
    with black beans, white rice, yucca and platanos. $17.95

    Boliche “Criollo”
    Roasted eye round of beef stuffed with chorizo and roasted in flavourful gravy.
    Served with black beans, white rice and platanos. A family favourite! $16.95

    Ropa Vieja
    Originally introduced to Cuba by Spanish sailors. The name means “old clothes” because
    the choice beef is shredded, sautéed and simmered with onions, green peppers and tomatoes.
    Served with platanos and white rice. $16.95



    Snapper “Alicante”
    This incredibly delicious recipe was created many years ago by our grandfather, Casimiro Hernandez Jr..
    It features the King of Gulf Fish, Snapper, baked in a casserole with sweet Spanish onions,green
    peppers, a rich gravy, olive oil, fresh garlic, sauterne wine and topped with sliced roasted almonds.
    Served with yellow rice and garnished with fried eggplant and shrimp supreme. “If you enjoy fresh fish
    and would like to sample authentic Spanish flavour, we offer our highest recommendation”.
    [Casey & Richard Gonzmart] $24.95

    Snapper “Adelita”
    King of Gulf Fish, Snapper, grilled and topped with hearts of palm, artichoke hearts,
    sun dried tomatoes, olive oil, garlic and onions.
    Served with “Good Rice”. Outstanding! $22.95

    Sea Bass “Bilbao”
    Traditional Basque preparation of fillet of Sea Bass baked in a casserole with sliced tomatoes,
    potatos, onions, extra virgin olive oil, garlic and lemon.
    Served with vegetables. $23.95

    Covina “A la Rusa”
    Created by Francisco Pijuan, Columbia`s famous chef and former chef to King Alfonso XIII of Spain.
    Corvina, a tropical white flaky fish, breaded with Cuban bread crumbs and grilled. Garnished with a
    Russian sauce of lemon butter, parsley and hard boiled eggs. Served with yellow rice and vegetables.
    Viva El Rey! $19.95

    Mariscos “Diablo”
    Combination of sautéed lobster, shrimp, scallops, mussels, and clams in a spicy tomato sauce
    with blue crabmeat, onions, green peppers, garlic, white wine and chilli peppers, served over
    a bowl of pasta. $25.95

    Mahi Mahi “Cayo Hueso”
    Boneless fillet of Mahi Mahi marinated in citrus juices and grilled.
    Served with “Good Rice”, yucca, platanos and mojo. $18.95

    Pompano en Papillot
    Today`s version of a long time favourite of the Columbia dating back to the 40`s. Boneless fillet of
    Pompano with seafood stuffing of shrimp, crabmeat, artichoke, butter and white wine, wrapped in
    parchment paper and baked. Served with yellow rice. $21.95

    Cannelloni de Langosta “Setes Portes”
    A Catalan favourite of tender cannelloni pasta filled with Maine lobster meat, shrimp, pan seared
    scallops and sautéed shallots blended with a lobster sherry cream reduction, smothered with a
    lobster sherry mornay cheese sauce. $19.95

    Shrimp Supreme
    This Columbia Restaurant creation of wild caught Panamanian jumbo shrimp is wrapped in wafer
    thin bacon, marinated and fried. Served with fresh vegetables and yellow rice or potatoes. $18.95

    Shrimp Criollo
    We enjoyed this recipe of our mother and grandmother, Adela, on Sunday`s at her home.
    Large white shrimp sautéed in a hot skillet with extra virgin olive oil, garlic, green peppers, tomatoes,
    platanos, potatoes, spicy Spanish paprika and splashed with Martini & Rossi Dry Vermouth.
    Served with white rice. $19.95

    Camarones Rellenos “Jesse Gonzalez”
    Colossal size wild caught Key West shrimp stuffed with lump crabmeat baked with lemon butter.
    Served with “Good Rice” and fresh vegetables. Named for our friend; the King of Shrimp. $22.95



    Surf & Turf
    A grilled 6 oz. Filet Mignon and three Panamanian prawns grilled and dressed with “1905” sauce.
    Served with roasted potatoes and vegetables. $29.95

    La Completa Cubana
    To sample the flavors of Cuba we offer this Cuban feast of Roast Pork, Boliche, Empanada de Picadillo,
    platanos, yucca, black beans and yellow rice. $21.95

    Chicken and Shrimp Barcelona
    Boneless chicken breast sautéed with shrimp in a delicious lobster bisque, brandy, white wine,
    carrots and onions. Served with yellow rice. $18.95

    Chicken Salteado
    Boneless pieces of tender chicken are placed in a very hot sauté pan, then we combine Spanish
    extra virgin olive oil with a touch of fresh garlic, then add sliced sweet Spanish onion, green bell
    pepper, fresh mushrooms, diced potatoes, Spanish sausage [chorizo] and a splash of red wine.
    Served with yellow rice. $17.95


    “The National Dish of Spain”
    [Please allow 30 minutes for preparation]

    Paella “A la Valencia”
    Our version, prepared in a traditional paella pan, features clams. mussels, shrimp, scallops,
    calamares, chicken and pork, baked with Valencia rice, extra virgin olive oil, green peppers,
    Spanish onions, ripe tomatoes, garlic, spices and splashed with white wine. $24.95

    Paella “Marinera”
    Seafood version of our famous Paella combines Valencia rice with clams, mussels, shrimp,
    scallops and calamares. $26.95

    Paella “Campesina”
    A favourite in the La Mancha Region of Spain. Valencia rice with beef tenderloin, pork,
    chicken, chorizo and green beans. $22.95



    Spanish caramel egg custard. $3.95

    Crema Catalana
    A favourite at “Los Caracoles” in Varcelona, Spain. Spanish cream topped with crystallized caramel. $4.95

    Brazo Gitano “Cien Años”
    100th Anniversary version of the original recipe from Casimiro Hernandez Sr., founder of the Columbia
    Restaurant. Spongecake soaked in syrup with Spanish Manzanilla Sherry filled with Spanish cream and
    strawberries, rolled and topped with meringue. Served tableside with strawberry sauce and flambéed. $5.95

    White Chocolate Bread Pudding
    Our Dad`s favourite. Our version made with white chocolate and topped with a rich Bacardi Rum Sauce. $5.95

    Churros “Tres Amigos”
    Golden brown Spanish pastry dusted with cinnamon sugar. Served with three sauces
    of rich warm chocolate, caramel and guava. $5.95

    Guava Cheesecake
    Traditional cheesecake with a Cuban tropical twist of guava. $5.95

    Godiva Chocolate Cake
    Dark chocolate cake layered and topped with chocolate mousse, and drizzled
    with caramel sauce with seasonal berries. $5.95

    Key Lime Pie
    A Florida favourite. $4.95

    Moros y Cristianos “Aurora”
    Chocolate mousse and rich Spanish custard in a small clay casserole
    with shaved chocolate. $4.95



    Fresh Roasted Coffee
    Roasted in Ybor City`s Naviera Coffee Mill. $2.50

    Espresso Coffee
    Evelio Hernandez`s secret blend. $2.95

    Café con Leche
    Espresso Cuban coffee with steamed milk. $3.50

    Fresh Brewed Ice Tea. $2.50

    Hot Tea. $2.50

    Soft Drinks. $2.50


    Columbia Cafés

    Café Adel
    Warms the heart of any coffee lover. A lovely combination of Kahlua and Amaretto blended
    with coffee and topped with whipped cream. $6.95

    Café Cesar
    A superb combination of the distinctive flavour of Anis del Mono blended with dark rich
    Cuban coffee, a touch of whipped cream dusted with nutmeg and served with a cinnamon stick. $5.95

    Spanish Coffee
    Experience the tradition of Spain. Café con Leche with imported Torres Spanish Brandy, Kahlua
    and topped with whipped cream. $6.95



    Take Home a Handpainted Sangria Pitcher. $28.95

    Spain`s delightfully refreshing wine cooler made at the Columbia with a combination
    of rich bodied red wine and fresh citrus juices. Pitcher $16.95 Glass $4.95

    Imported Sangria
    Sangre de Toro Sangria Pitcher made tableside with Spain`s best selling
    red wine and Torres brandy. Pitcher $18.95

    Sangria de Cava
    Spain`s wonderful bubbling cooler made tableside with Cristalino Spanish Cava [Champagne],
    Torres brandy and liquer, with citrus juices. One taste will transport you to the sunny
    coast of Spain. Pitcher $18.95

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    oh YUM, I am soooo going there!
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