CSI: The Experience Opens on International Drive

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    The CSI Experience opens on the 20th March at 7220 International Drive near to Titanic The Experience and will run until the end of 2012.

    Admission prices are:

    • Adults $19.95

    • Children: $12.95 (ages 5 - 12)

    You've seen the hit television crime drama, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation on CBS. Now, there's a forensic science exhibit related to the TV show, as well as a Web-based learning adventure.

    CSI: The Experience is a completely immersive exhibit that invites visitors to enter "crime" scenes where they identify and record evidence. It takes them inside "laboratories" for scientific testing and to "autopsy" rooms for pathology analysis. Then it returns them to the "office" to build their case, based on the scientific evidence. The exhibit brings to life real scientific principles and the most advanced scientific techniques used today by crime scene investigators and forensic scientists.

    From DNA and firearms analysis to forensic anthropology and toxicology, visitors will be immersed in hands-on science in an exciting multi-media environment with dazzling special effects direct from the CSI TV series. Cast members from the TV show welcome guests into the exhibit from a large video monitor, lead them through the experience, and praise them for a job well done at the end. The exhibit is geared toward adults and youth age 12 and above.

    Exhibit Walk-Through

    When you visit CSI: The Experience, you first enter a Briefing Theater to watch a fast-paced introduction on a giant flat-screen TV. None other than Anthony E. Zuiker, the creator of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, greets you and shares what inspired him to create the TV show. Then, real-life forensic scientist Ron Singer briefly explains the science to be found in the exhibit.

    Finally, CSI's lead investigator, Gil Grissom, steps in and introduces himself as your CSI supervisor. He issues a challenge: "Keep an open mind," he warns. "Remember, the dead can't speak for themselves. Listen to what the evidence is saying."

    You then begin an intriguing journey to solve a crime mystery by entering one of three very different crime scenes:

    The Crime Scenes

    In "A House Collided" a car has run through the living room window of a house in a quiet suburb. In the driver's seat is a man with his seatbelt on; he is slumped over. The windshield is shattered and the car door is shut. In the living room, there are muddy shoeprints, drops of blood and a stain near a sofa. A pizza box is open with pepperoni pizza spilled on the floor. A beer bottle is by the car door, and a hand print of blood (or is it pizza sauce?) is found on the car hood.

    In "Who Got Served?" a young woman has been found dead in an alley behind an old Las Vegas motel. She is sprawled beneath a dumpster overflowing with trash and is wearing a waitress outfit with a nametag that reads "Penny." There is a tire tread across her abdomen, and tossed nearby is a photo of her, which has been ripped in half. No other injuries are visible. Amongst the trash are a handbag and a cell phone.

    In "No Bones About It!" a hiker has stumbled across what looks like a human skull sticking out of the ground. It is partially buried by silt and debris. Other bones are scattered underneath the dirt. The skull has a visible hole in it; and among the remains, there are still tattered remnants of a coat and what appears to be a backpack.

    Beginning the Investigation

    After exiting the crime scenes, you'll refer to a large wall of crime scene photos and clues you may have missed then begin to analyze evidence in two highly interactive lab areas, each featuring multiple stations that allow for various evidence testing.

    Guests who are investigating "A House Collided" will compare fingerprints of the victim to the evidence, examine blood spatter patterns, observe the shoes of the victim and tracks found in the room, compare fibers on the victim's clothes with fibers in the room, analyze the victim's blood-alcohol level, compare DNA of the victim with evidence and eventually discover the cause of death.

    For "Who Got Served?" your investigation will include reviewing evidence within a cell phone, examining the contents of the handbag, inspecting the purse and headshot for fingerprints, establishing the time of death, reviewing DNA samples, testing powder from the handbag at the scene, and discovering the cause of death.

    If you're working on "No Bones About It" you'll analyze the bullet from the found skull, analyze hairs found with the body, examine a seed found in the fabric of the tattered shirt, test the DNA of an animal's hair, compare dental records to the victim, and discover the cause of death.

    Cracking the Case

    Here lies the moment of truth. At the end of the exhibit, you'll present your findings in a recreation of the office of Gil Grissom- the enigmatic CSI Supervisor. You'll be asked to answer a series of multiple choice questions, based on your scientific findings, on touch screens located in this area. After completing these questions, you'll get feedback from Grissom and see if you've cracked the case!
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    Wow, that sounds cool.
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    Good heavens! Gil Grissom left the show ages ago! :lol: Is he back?! :eek:
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    We are CSI fans over here!

    Too bad we wont be able to go :(

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