Discovery Cove: Grand Reef opening set for June 10

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    Grand Reef, the first expansion in the history of SeaWorld's Discovery Cove, will be open to the public as of June 10, it was announced Wednesday.

    The 2.5-acre artificial reef will be home to about 125 species of sea life, including rays, sharks and urchins -- about 10,000 animals total.

    Guests will be able to swim and snorkel there.

    Discovery Cove, which opened in 2000, is a limited-admission park typically capped at about 1,000 guests per day. Visitors, who spend all day in the tropical setting, have the option of swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, and interacting with birds.

    The new Grand Reef eventually will include an underwater walking tour called SeaVenture, where guests will don diving helmets for upclose adventures with some sealife. It will be available later this summer.

    SeaVenture will cost an extra $59 per person to the usual admission, which currently starts at $299, depending on the day, although a Florida-resident promotion is $199.

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    Can't wait to see this. Not going to do sea venture though, think is panic

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