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Disney and Philips Team up to Revolutionize Stories and Play with Innovative Lighting Products

Discussion in 'General News & Rumors' started by Wendy, Jul 28, 2013.

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    Earlier this month, Disney and Philips announced a line of innovative products designed to bring Disney magic to life through lighting like never before. The technology works like this. Children and their parents can connect e-books to lighting products that change the vibe in a room as a story unfolds. The revolutionary concept makes reading more fun by allowing families to become immersed in the story.


    In addition to the e-books product, five other lighting solutions will be available. SleepTime and Mickey uses sun and moon indicators to help kids understand sleep time from wake up time; SoftPals and Monsters introduces just enough light to help kids feel comforted through the night; a Candle Light product emits a warm glow that emulates the flicker of a candle; and two different LivingColors sets include numerous lighting options that allow children to escape to an imaginary world of their own.


    Developed at Philips' facilities in The Netherlands, the new range of breakthrough concepts will roll out in Europe and the U.S. in September – with Asia to follow later in the year.

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