Disney Pixar's Brave - No 1 at Weekend Box Office, Takes In $66.7 Million

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    This weekend, the latest Disney/Pixar film, Brave, made its debut in theaters, and Pixar has reason to celebrate once again. The film took the number 1 spot at the box office this weekend, beating out such other films as Madagascar 3 and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.

    While analysts projected that Brave would only take in between $55 and $60 million domestically this weekend, the film greatly surpassed expectations. The film ended up taking in $66.7 million at the domestic box office and an additional $13.5 million internationally, putting its grand opening weekend total worldwide at approximately $80 million. In addition to earning the number one spot at the box office, Brave also now holds the distinction of having the fourth highest June opening weekend in history.

    This marks Pixar’s 13th consecutive number one opening at the box office. A wild departure from Pixar’s usual fare, Brave was the studio’s first fairy tale and first film to feature a female heroine as its main character. However, the departure seems to have paid off, as Brave celebrated Pixar’s fifth highest-grossing opening weekend, beating out last summer’s Cars 2.

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