First 20th Anniversary Extended Hours revealed at Disneyland Paris

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    April has always been a busy month at Disneyland Paris, but because it wasn't the main summer season, guests weren't able to see the fireworks and couldn't stay late.

    This all set to change this year due to the Extended Hours announced by Disneyland Paris for their 20th Anniversary. One reason for this is to make sure that their new show Disney Dreams, can be performed in the dark.

    Park opening hours for the first half of April 2012 have now been published:

    The “Extended Hoursâ€￾ have been revealed:

    Weekdays - Disneyland Park will close at 9.30pm.

    The 1st, 7th and 8th April, Disneyland Park will close at 10.30pm.

    The 14th and 15th Disneyland Park will stay open until 11pm.

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