I Drive Indoor Karting at International Drive

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    Whilst looking for some different things to do in and around Orlando I found some information on indoor karting. It is located off International Drive in Vanguard Street.​

    I Drive NASCAR Indoor Kart Racing is an entertainment complex which has great eco friendly electric karts. Visitors can challenge themselves or compete with each other. The karts reach speeds of up to 45mph.

    Visitors can challenge themselves and also have an exhilarating and pleasurable experience competing with each other reaching speeds of up to 45 mph. They will receive a Racer Card which will allow them to track their racing times.

    You can find pricing details here

    I know that our Slowhand will be happy about this, but it may be a bit tame for him :)


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    Dave enjoyed it but I don't think it was as amazing as he expected. He did (I think) three laps and he'd had enough. Drivers were getting flagged all over the place for driving too close - yet the track is so narrow it is nearly impossible to overtake without getting close. He enjoyed the Revolution Off Road buggy a lot more...although he was absolutely covered in mud :lol:

    This place near I Drive also has a bowling alley/games arcade (gives out tokens for prizes)/bar and restaurant....we didn't eat there. I think it had just opened a couple of weeks before we were last in Florida so everything was still squeaky clean....yet some of the arcade games were already faulty!

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