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jedi trippie 41

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Dawn, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Dawn

    Dawn carpe diem-ing Forum Host

    Jun 29, 2008
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    In the red...
    No cheerleaders yet

    Whilst our laundry went round and round in the dryer I popped back to Guest Services to ask about tomorrow morning. We have an 8am PS for Donald’s Breakfastasaurus but the park does not open until 9am so I’m a little unsure as to whether we’ll be able to enter the Animal Kingdom parking lot or whether we’ll need to use Disney transportation as it’s not Extra Magic Hour either. The CM I speak to assures me that we will be able to enter the parking lot with our cars, but she doesn’t look too sure of this herself so I’m still not so confident. Anyway I have a quick breeze through the gift shop while I’m in the vicinity; they have Disney/Cheerleader merchandise in there already. No sign of any cheerleaders yet though. I did notice that the food court was jam packed at 11am: shouldn’t these people be in parks or something?

    I venture back into the laundry where Steven is starting to flag a bit. We strap him into his buggy and take him for a walk outside where he soon goes off to sleep. We go back to the gift shop to buy stamps to get the postcards done and dusted. The CM got a bit confused as I was sending cards everywhere but eventually we got the right stamps and got our cards posted. Then it was back to retrieve our now dry laundry and return to our room. While I was sorting and folding laundry Steven woke up and promptly fell off the bed. He did that a few times actually, but he never appeared to learn that going near the edge is bad. Adrian and myself were both watching him at the time as well but he bounced so quickly we never got a chance to react until he hit the floor. Nice lump on the temple for the rest of the day.

    It’s around midday and we have several hours to kill before our stroll around World Showcase. We decided to go to Downtown Disney for an hour or so. No real intent on doing anything in particular, but just having a browse. On the drive down there we saw a huge line of cars waiting to get into Coronado Springs and signs directing people to Florida Democrats Parking Lot. Then further down in the Westside parking area we saw several school groups unloading from buses. No sign of any cheerleaders though; so far all we had seen of their existence was merchandise and some Pop Warner Check-In signs at the entrance to All Star Sports.

    So here’s a tip. DO NOT GO TO DOWNTOWN DISNEY ON A SATURDAY IN DECEMBER! Sorry to shout but I cannot get this message across strongly enough. It never occurred to us that it might be busy, because it did not register that it was a Saturday in December. To us it was just another vacation day. We became a little suspicious when joining the huge line of cars waiting to turn left into the Market Place. After we had waited 20 minutes to get to the head of this line and the left filter light failed to come on 3 times we were a little more suspicious. When we finally go over into the parking lot and found CMs directing cars to parking spaces the suspicion was growing even more that something was up. When we got parked and got out of the car it suddenly occurred to us that it was Saturday and it was 3 weeks to Christmas.

    It did actually look like most people were heading for the Christmas store so we stayed well clear of that end of the Market Place. First place we went to was Guest Services who were much more positive about our prospects of entering the Animal Kingdom parking lot at 7.45am tomorrow. The next hour or so is a little blurry due to crowd conditions but I seem to recall we went into the World of Disney and purchased some items. Can’t really remember what we got but I’m getting a recall of a very small Monsters Inc. sweatshirt for Steven and some sweets to take back for work colleagues. Whatever we bought we didn’t stay long as we both needed a restroom stop and the line for these – even the mens – came out of the door. So we gave it up and went back to the hotel.

    I had Cheez-its for lunch. Very healthy. Adrian went down and got some chicken strips from the food court, which apparently were very good. We just hung around in the room for a bit, watching the not-as-good-as-last-time resort TV until it was time to collect Nanny Lesley who was itching to get back into the Japan shop.

    We entered Future World and were immediately apprehended by one of those official photographers who insisted we had some photos taken. Steven was not impressed with this and started to cry but the photographer started playing with him and was so funny and made Steven laugh so we thought we’d better do the decent thing and get the pictures taken. We walked straight through Future World and into World Showcase. At some point along the way Steven did something that necessitated someone bending down to rectify the matter. I can’t remember exactly what he did but Nanny Lesley and myself both bent down at the same time to attend to the matter and clashed heads over the buggy. Adrian thought this was really funny. We just thought it was really painful.

    So we head into the Mexico pavilion for a look around. Steven refuses to pose with a sombrero on his head but he is quite taken with the little maraca things they have in there so we buy a couple for him. The CM who serves us is called Jorge and Steven becomes “his little friend.” Steven loved his new rattly toys. Incidentally a few days after we got home I noticed the red dye/ink/paint was coming off and colouring Steven so I had to take them away from him. I still haven’t verified that they are non-toxic so they are just for display now.

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