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    Lost at the Beach Club again

    I rejoin the rest of my group and we continue our stroll. We marvel at the number of guests wearing big coats, hats, gloves, scarves, and all manner of cold-weather clothing items. I’m not sure of the exact temperature that day but I believe it was around the mid-60s; certainly not the warmest day of the trip but by no means cold for us. Coming from the South Coast of England we are used to an onshore breeze making it feel cooler than it is, but mid-60s is so not cold for us. Adrian was wearing a short-sleeved polo and jeans, I had long trousers with a t-shirt and a zip-up sweatshirt, Nanny Lesley had long trousers and a thin sweater, and Steven had jeans, t-shirt and WDW hoody on. It was quite amazing to us to see people walking around as though they were experiencing arctic conditions.

    So – Nanny Lesley wants to get to Japan to shop, shop, shop, but we want to stop at the little train thing in Germany with Steven to see if any trains are out. We let Nanny Lesley go off on her own with a promise that she is to go to Japan, and Japan only and not to leave the big shop and we will come and find her when we are done with the Germany area. She promises not to wander off on her own so we let her go. Adrian and myself get Steven out of his buggy and start searching for some trains. There doesn’t seem to be any train action going on: strange. Anyway while we are standing there someone we all know comes wandering over. Yes it's Tink and her friend. We had pre-arranged this meet for one of their World Showcase wandering days. :D We spent the best part of an hour chatting away to them about Steven and how cold they thought it was to how warm we thought it was and what we’d done on our trip and all sorts of other stuff. In fact we only parted as the night drew in and Steven’s hands started to show signs of getting cold, otherwise we may have been there all night chatting away. It’s nice when things like that happen. Oh, and all the time we were there not a single train came past: must be run by RailTrack.

    Whoops, we had completely lost track of time and left Nanny Lesley alone for over an hour. She’ll probably be sitting on a bench somewhere tapping her foot impatiently. We hot foot it over to Japan and begin to hunt for her. We immediately spot her – at the check out paying for her purchases. Perfect timing; she had spent an hour happily browsing her favourite Disney store and we met up just as she was ready to leave. We checked out her purchases and then walked over to the International Gateway as we had decided to eat at Beaches and Cream that evening.

    Now, Tink had told me the quickest way to get there, but of course I immediately forgot those directions so we spent a pleasant several minutes wandering through the Beach Club resort: nice Jacuzzi area, wonderful Christmas decorations, and Cape May smelt delicious as we walked past there. Maybe one day we’ll be rich enough to stay there and get lost every day. We find Beaches and Cream and put our names down for a table. There is about a 20 minute wait so we sit outside on the veranda by Stormalong Bay, and while we are there we get a couple of pressed pennies for Ellie. Our flashy/beepy thing soon flashed at us and we are escorted to our table. We had a lime rickey each – defo recommend this. Then we all ordered cheeseburgers – defo recommend this. Then Nanny Lesley and myself had strawberry shortcake – defo recommend this. Adrian had a sundae which he defo recommends. We like it here if you haven’t already guessed. Steven liked it here too. He had fries from our plates as well as a jar of his food, and a taste of our ice cream. Oh oh oh, and the table next to us ordered the Kitchen Sink. It was huge, and the 4 of them managed to get about two thirds of the way through before giving up.

    Oh and I freaked another table out here. I gave Steven one of his banana cookies to munch on and I knew exactly what he’d do with it so I pre-empted his move and caught the cooke about two inches above the floor and gave it back to him. He does this a lot. Then I spotted the man and lady on another table looking at me horrified: I guess they thought I’d picked food up off the floor and given it to Steven – yeah like I’m stupid. Anyway it amused me.

    Walking back to the International Gateway Steven had a bit of a meltdown. He wouldn’t keep his blanket on him and just kept screaming. As soon as we were through the turnstiles I picked him up and – silence. Amazing. Within a few minutes he was asleep so he went back into the buggy where he slept until we got back to the car. We walked through the UK and Canada pavilions and back through Future World. We stopped just out of interest to check the photos we’d had taken on the way in and ended up buying one. Then it was back to the car and back to the hotel.

    Adrian sorted out Steven’s bedtime milk and got him ready for bed while I popped to Big Steve and Lisa’s room to warn them that we needed to leave at 7.30am the next morning and not to eat anything before we left. Ellie was fast asleep on the bed and Harry was running around naked from the waist down. They had been to the Premium Outlets Mall and shopped till they dropped; well until Ellie dropped anyway. They had a great time and managed to get everywhere without getting lost. There was a ton of bags in their room so heaven only knows how much stuff they bought but Big Steve was going on about his 4 new pairs of trainers. Anyway, I left them to get to bed and they promised they would be ready bright and early the next morning. Maybe we’ll finally see some cheerleaders then.

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