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    Restroom crisis

    As we left our breakfastasaurus Steven decided to have a “I’m tired but I’m not going to sleep†tantrum. We tried everything, but nothing would stop him screaming; all he wanted to do was fight going to sleep, so I had to just carry him and hope that he would give up soon. We started to head toward the safari as the park was now open and in full swing. On the way there, Ellieasaurus spotted Flik hiding in a shady spot with only a short line, so she and Harryasaurus got into line to meet him. I took Steven over to another shady bit and tried to calm him while the others met Flik, but nothing was working. The Cast Member on the nearby souvenir stand came over and pointed out to us that we were about 20 feet from the Baby Care Center and maybe we could take Steven there for a while. The Baby Care Center! I’d forgotten all about those. We told the other to browse in the nearby shop while we sorted Steven out and we went in.

    It was like entering a little oasis in the middle of rush hour. Absolute silence greeted us as we entered – apart from Steven of course. We said hi to the CM in the entrance area and he directed into the big room straight ahead. It was full of changing tables and highchairs. There was also a microwave, a sink, and loads of other things that I totally can’t remember now. But it was amazing. We sat down and gave Steven a bottle of milk which stopped him screaming. Then we changed him while we were in there. Well actually I changed him while Adrian took photos of this place. Steven fell asleep on my shoulder soon after. As we were about to leave Lisa came in with Harryasaurus to change him and she oohed and aahed about the place as well. There was also another small room in there with a TV and some toys too. It was a most pleasant experience and we made plans to come back at lunchtime for a repeat visit.

    We eventually reached the entrance to the safari where there’s only a 5 minute wait. Before we park the buggies I retrieve from ours two single-use cameras. I’d picked them up on Ebay for £1 each a few weeks back and we gave one to Ellieasaurus and one to Harryasaurus. This was Harryasaurus’s first ever photography experience and he was very excited. He did not seem to grasp the concept of 27 shots on a camera though and I think he eventually shot about 1000 pictures by the end of the day. I haven’t seen the results of their efforts yet so I can’t comment on any potential talent showing through.

    The safari was very good as usual. We saw lots of animals, including the baby elephant who was out for a stroll. We also saw a rare two-headed giraffe which we took many photos of, until our jeep went round a bend to reveal two giraffes, one behind the other. Even getting close to a lion was not gairy at all according to Harryasaurus. After we left the safari we followed the trail with its gorillas, hippos, and fish. Harryasaurus thought the fish were a bit gairy. The gorillas appeared quite active, wandering around and playing with bits of tree. The hippos were right at the back of their pool and refused to move so we didn’t see much of those. Ellieasaurus won a Magical Moments certificate by correcting pointing out the warthog skull at the Timon and Pumbaa bit, which we all got very excited about as none of us had seen these certificates before.

    This trail is quite long, isn’t it? See, us grown-ups had all consumed gallons of tea and coffee at our breakfastasaurus and now it was beginning to give cause for concern, if you get my meaning. And still this trail went on. You just think you’ve reached the end when bats appear. And there’s some birds, oh and Harryasaurus’s gairy bullfrog. This trail went on for ever. And the grown-ups were getting more and more concerned. Eventually, after what seemed like a 50 mile jungle trek, we burst out of the end of the trail, looked around swiftly with wild eyes, and all ran like cheetahs for the nearest restrooms. We regroup a few minutes later and Nanny Lesley wants coffee. I kid you not. We all hang around Harambe while she visits Kusafiri for her coffee.

    We head to Camp Minnie-Mickey after this to see what characters are in there. The place is absolutely deserted when we go in there because everyone is in the Festival of the Lion King theatre next door. The characters were just standing around waiting for someone to come and visit them. There was Goofy, Mickey, Minnie, and Kenai from Brother Bear. Steven was still fast asleep at this point so did not do the photograph thing so we sat on the benches while Ellieasaurus and Harryasaurus got their photos. Ellieasaurus was kind enough to take Steven’s autograph book with her to get Kenai to sign it. Just as they got their last photos taken the audience from the Lion King came pouring out and it looked like most of them were headed our way. The characters were swamped. So the tip is: go to the character trails while a Lion King show is on, not just after.

    So the Lion King was turning its audience out after the show, and that was our cue to go and get in line for the next show starting shortly. We removed the still sleeping Steven from his buggy and carried him in. Ellieasaurus totally ignored the CMs directing guests where to sit and plonked herself right at the front of one of the sections. Oh well, they let us stay there as they were filling that area next. As it turned out, Ellieasaurus had put us right at the front of the warthog section. Yay, I’d never sat in this one before. Only got to sit with the giraffes now and I’ve got the full set. Oh hey, definite improvement with the enclosed theatre now.

    A little “Hello,†caused me to look around and find a girl of about 7 or 8 seated next to me with a gentleman who she told me was her Dad. She had some kind of communication disability which I could not identify but she talked to me non-stop without actually holding a conversation. Each sentence would veer on to a completely different subject. But she was great fun to talk to while waiting for the show to start. She showed me her new Disney Bear that Daddy had bought for her, and pointed out all the hidden Mickeys on it. Then she told me all the places she had been while she was on vacation. Her Dad tried to distract her incase she was disturbing me but I just thought it was one of those nice moments that only happen at Disney. She never told me her name though.

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