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    After lunch it was time to shake those hot dogs up a bit so off we troupe to Earthquake. But wait: lunch was eaten in the Midway area and Ellie has been eyeing up all those opportunities to part with cash in a vain effort to win prizes. Big Steve tells her she is allowed one go on something and off they go to make the choice. She eventually settles on some kind of ‘throw something at something’ type game and Big Steve parts with the necessary cash. The rest of us sit and begin chanting in unison, “Please don’t win the giant Spongebob.†I mean seriously, what are you going to do with a 4 foot tall Spongebob for the rest of the afternoon? Then Lisa lets out a groan. “Oh no, she’s won something.†What? That’s impossible: those games are designed to be not-winnable. Somehow Ellie had won. We sit with baited breath waiting to see what her prize was, arguing over who would carry the giant Spongebob. Ellie comes skipping back proudly clutching a small pink teddy bear. A collective sigh of relief is breathed by the rest of us and we all comment on how lovely (and wonderfully small) the bear is.

    Now it’s time for Earthquake. Again there’s no height restriction but the sign said no handheld infants. I checked with the person at the entrance and again it means no lap riding; if they can sit in a seat they can ride. Well Steven was still excited over his ET experience so we decided to let him have a go at Earthquake too. They’ve changed the pre-show here; they don’t have the screaming shoppers section anymore. Shame about that as Lisa would have been perfect for that role. Never mind. We enter the subway station and board our train. A lttle bit of cheating by us here: the announcements said 7 people to a row max. Well 3 of our people were small so we easily got the 8 of us in the same row. Steven sat firmly wedged between Adrian and myself as we set off on our journey. We kept a good grip on him throughout the earthquake section and he didn’t seem phased at all. He was a little wide-eyed in parts, but mostly he just sat there. Harry says this is not gairy.

    As we exited Earthquake Big Steve noticed that Harry was now minus 1 Mickey Mouse cap. Noooooo, not the Mickey cap. It’s a really cool one: a blue baseball cap with Mickey ears attached to it and Harry really looked the part wearing it. Anyway a quick word with the person at the entrance bought forth some walkie talkies and a couple of minutes later Harry was reunited with his hat. Harry was so excited to have his hat back he got carried away and broke into a run which ended with him falling flat on his face and bursting into tears. Ellie needed another pressed penny so while she and Big Steve were in the shop opposite Earthquake taking care of business, Adrian sneaked into the shop and purchased Harry a Woody Woodpecker plush. See, that was the other thing with Harry. He doesn’t do the rushing round all the shops saying, “can I have this, this, and one of these?†He just sits in his buggy and sometimes you forget that he’s there and you suddenly remember him sitting there. Often we’d ask him if he wanted, “one of these,†and he’d shake his head in the negative. Strange. Anyway, Uncle Adrian treated him to a Woody Woodpecker, which Harry was very pleased with, and I noticed it on the end of Harry’s bed when we visited last week.

    The grown-ups made a brief stop at the Starbucks concession for frappucinos before heading down towards Twister. I didn’t think this was suitable for Steven so I stayed outside with him while the others went inside. Steven and myself sat on a bench, and Steven shredded some baby carrots with his new teeth. The Ghostbusters came past on their way to perfoming their show and as they went past us the siren came on on their car and scared Steven, which greatly unimpressed me. They went on to perfom their show on the steps in front of the NY Library façade. I can honestly say that in all my visits to all these theme parks this is by far and away the very worst show I have ever had the misfortune to bear witness to. It was pitiful; that’s all I can say.

    Shortly after the Ghostbusters had made their exit the Twister gang returned and Harry had caught the worst of the water again, this time on his head. Not having much luck today, is he? Well the Blues Brothers had just started their show so we wandered up to watch them. Last time Adrian and myself were here they were really good. This time their show consisted of Christmas songs instead of the usual R & B standards, and somehow it just didn’t work. So we left them at it and went to check out the wait time for Shrek. When we got there, they had just opened the theatre doors to let people into the pre-show so we decided to take a chance and see if we got in. We parked our buggies in Lancelot 17 buggy parking (nice touch ) and got in line. As luck would have it we made it straight in and after a short wait in the pre-show area we entered the theatre. If you only see one attraction at Universal then you must make it this one. I won’t tell you the plot but it’s a 3-D movie with extras and is hilariously funny. Harry kept his 3-D glasses on all the way through and everyone rated it not at all gairy, but really, really funny. Of course you exit through a gift shop where Steven and Harry both acquired a Donkey each.

    Steven needed a milk break now and as luck would have it, Shrek and Princess Fiona were across the street doing a meet and greet in a shady area. Steven had his milk while Ellie and Harry got their photos and then Steven and Adrian got a photo too. Then *big drum roll and trumpet fanfare* Adrian went to change Steven! I think this was the first time out of the hotel room he’d done this. I’d checked with Big Steve and he confirmed all the men’s restrooms had changing areas so I gave Adrian the baby and the changing bag and told him to git in and do it. I sat on a bench and had a short rest.

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