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jedi trippie 59

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Dawn, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Dawn

    Dawn carpe diem-ing Forum Host

    Jun 29, 2008
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    In the red...
    The squirrel

    We trooped into the Fast Pass entrance for Winnie the Pooh and I handed over our passes to the waiting CM. She counted them up and announced, “six?” That’s right. “But there are eight of you.” I told her, “Yes, two of them are under three though.” I could see the little cogs whirring around inside her head wondering what kind of stunt we were trying to pull here sneaking extras into the Fast Pass entrance, when suddenly – CHING! – a lightbulb lit up above her head and on to the ride we go.

    Steven liked this one. He bounced along with Tigger so much that he almost bounced right out of the honey pot. : We had a bit of a minor technical problem that meant we temporarily ground to a halt right in the middle of the Heffalumps and Woozles. That was a bit gairy but we were soon on our bouncy way again.

    After Winnie the Pooh we decided to call it a day and make our way back to the hotel and we all needed to do some packing and there was a bit more shopping that needed to be done too. We shopped our way out of the Magic Kingdom, mainly via the Emporium where I decided that Tinkerbell pjs were the “must have” item for the winter wardrobe. Bought a Grumpy hat too, to replace the dead duck one. Steven impressed the CMs here by repeatedly climbing up over Adrian’s shoulder.

    Many purchases later we boarded the ferryboat back to the parking lot and started to walk back to the car. While we were walking along I started bouncing along singing that wretched “Jolly Holly Christmas” song to Steven. A Disney suit coming in the other direction started giggling to himself. I was puzzled by this until I suddenly remembered – Evil Queen facepaint! One thing about the facepainting: you forget it’s there very quickly. Anyway this is the point when Ellie announced that she was desperate for the toilet. Hmm, definitely not the best place for it. However the mind of a six-year old does not understand that the faster you walk, the sooner you get to your car and get back to your hotel room, complete with bathroom. There was a bit of foot-dragging and whining and, now I come to think of it why didn’t we just walk back to the TTC where there is a whole restroom facility just waiting to be used.

    Anyway we arrive back at our hotel and make arrangements on what time to meet in the morning for the * sniff * last day, which we were again spending at the Magic Kingdom. I left Adrian playing in the room with Steven and headed back to the Premium Outlet Mall with promises not to spend too much money. I’m not spending any money; I have credit cards; that’s not like real money.

    So anyway I’m pootling along All Star Drive, or whatever that road’s called and I’m just approaching the security gate for the All Stars when it happens. I’m just starting to slow down to wait for the barrier to go up, when a squirrel runs right across in front of me. I jump on the brake pedal with two feet so hard that the back wheels lock up and as the squirrel disappears under the car I just hope the wheels manage to avoid it. There’s a telltale jolt and a glance in the rear view mirror reveals that my efforts had been in vain. I was totally distraught. I had killed a living thing. I had taken away everything it had ever had and everything it was going to have. In that split second a life had stopped because I didn’t react fast enough. Maybe some would say it was just a squirrel but it wasn’t. It was a living, breathing individual entity and I had destroyed it. There was nothing I could do to bring it back, it was gone forever. I drove the rest of the way to the mall with tears running down my cheeks.

    I parked up at Premium Outlets and bustled in. There were only two stores I needed to visit. Osh Kosh of course, for the last few bits Steven needed. And the Nike outlet for trainers for myself, and tiny pair for Steven too. Then it was a quick stop at Starbucks for a latte to go before making the drive back to the hotel where I found Adrian and Steven happily watching TV – and very hungry.

    I didn’t care where we ate tonight as long as I could have some salad so Adrian chose Red Lobster so he could eat another basket of cheddar bay biscuits. He didn’t get the whole baskets this time though, as Steven appears to have acquired a taste for them. I can’t for the life of me remember what we ate in here tonight. I remember though, there was a group of about 15 cheerleaders came in while we were there and they were impeccably behaved. Not even the noisy chatter you get with groups like this, they were totally respectful of the rest of the diners and behaved perfectly. Just a shame they have those like, stupid things in their like, hair.

    Steven fell sound asleep in his car seat on the way back to the hotel so we carried him upstairs still strapped in and left him to sleep in there for the night.

    Tomorrow – the last day.

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