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jedi trippie 69

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Dawn, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Dawn

    Dawn carpe diem-ing Forum Host

    Jun 29, 2008
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    In the red...
    I did what I had to do
    and saw it through without exemption

    Steven’s going to help me write this bit because it’s mainly about the trials and tribulations of taking a baby on a long trip like this.

    Firstly – because I know you’re all dying to know – these are the attractions Steven saw/rode, with his ratings. Bear in mind that he was around 8 months old at the time.

    Magic Kingdom
    Jungle Cruise – I fell asleep. Both times.
    Tiki Room – I liked the singing birdies. The tiki gods were a bit gairy but I was brave.
    Pirates – I loved this one once we got into the town. I bounced up and down in the boat and yo-ho’d along with all the pirates.
    Country Bears – they were funny but it went on a bit long for me and I got a bit antsy toward the end.
    Haunted Mansion – I woke up in the graveyard and it was very gairy.
    Small World – fell asleep. Or maybe I was hypnotised.
    Snow White – I could take it or leave it. I didn’t think it was gairy.
    Winnie the Pooh – this was great fun, especially when we bounced along with Tigger.
    Minnie’s House – slept through it.
    Toontown playarea – this was fun, especially the little slides.
    People Mover – the best ride ever. I squealed with excitement all the way round and almost bounced right out of the car.
    Barbershop – this was good. I got a pair of Mickey ears in exchange for a little bit of my hair.

    Mummy’s note: We would have taken Steven on Peter Pan but it coincided with nap time and we didn’t want to risk another Haunted Mansion incident. Tea cups, carousel, speedway were all considered unsuitable. Buzz coincided with a milk break or else he would have gone on that too. Strollers not allowed in Mickey’s house so we missed that as Steven was sleeping.

    Spaceship Earth – I didn’t mind the dark bits at all and had a good look around at everything. In the games bit at the end, Daddy put my face on the big TV screen which everyone thought was funny.
    Energy – Mummy and Daddy thought this might be a bit gairy for me but I didn’t mind it actually. Only the film at the beginning with the lady that makes Mummy laugh went on for a bit long. Stupid Judy!
    Living with the Land – I’d just had a huge lunch and was very tired so I cried all the way around this.
    Imagination – got me a purple dragon here. The ride was OK though – not gairy. Liked some of the big toys at the end though.
    Living Seas – I loved it in here. I like looking at fishies and water and I spent ages with my face right up against the glass. I especially liked it when the man went into the water and fed the fishies.
    El Rio de Tempo – I could take this or leave it. Not gairy but didn’t really get me bouncing either.
    Maelstrom – I liked it when everyone shouted “Wheeeeeeeeee†as we went down the slope.

    Mummy’s note: Didn’t do the Circle of Life as just calmed down and didn’t want to risk another meltdown. Felt Honey I Shrunk the Audience unsuitable for all the children with us. Didn’t do any of the World Showcase movies as standing theatres.

    Great Movie Ride – I liked this one. The munchkins were funny. I really liked the fact that the cars were big enough for me to get on the floor and bounce around without disturbing anyone.
    Playhouse Disney – I was bouncing around with all the big kids with Bear and the gang.
    Little Mermaid – this was ok. Bit too girly for me though.
    Backlot tour – this was ok, got to sit in a big car for a while and have a rest.
    Indiana Jones – bit noisy but not too bad as we were near the back. The men in front of us kept looking at me every time I made a noise or got excited but ignored them and bounced even more.
    Fantasmic – I liked it. Some babies find it gairy, but not me, it was fun.

    Mummy’s note: Um, I have nothing further to add.

    Animal Kingdom
    Safari – I like it when we went over the bumps. There were some funny looking animals too but the bumpy ride was funny.
    Legend of the Lion King – this was brilliant. All that colour and movement, and the music. It was my favourite. Let’s face it, there’s not much can hold my attention for more than 3 seconds but this did.
    Tough to be a Bug – not gairy

    Mummy’s note: It sounds like we didn’t do much here but we did all the trails and spent a lot of time just watching animals which Steven seemed to enjoy. We took a risk with all the kids on Tough to be a Bug but they all thought it was funny, even Harry.

    Sea World
    I did the same as everyone else here, except the big ride with the water drop. They have a great playground at Sea World where even small babies like me could find something to do. And of course there was water and fishies for me to look at all day long.

    Mummy’s note: Mostly sit-down shows and viewing attractions here so Steven did the same as us, except Atlantis.

    Islands of Adventure
    Cat in the Hat – did this twice. All that spinning was funny, but Daddy kept thinking I would fly out of the car.
    If I Ran the Zoo – really cool playground that you could walk straight past and not see if you weren’t looking. Lots of different sections to play in, including one with a shallow pool and water toys. I liked it here so much.

    Mummy’s note: That’s really about all Steven could do at this park due to height restrictions and stuff so we made sure we spent plenty of time in the playground and in the Seuss area.

    Universal Studios
    ET – my first ever “sit in my own seat†ride. I got to ride a bike while Mummy and Daddy held on to me. Apparently I looked really cute, but then I always look really cute.
    Barney – didn’t see the show but Barney has the best playground for little babies in the whole of the world. They had to kick us out in the end because they were waiting to close the park but we were having so much fun.
    Animal Planet Live – fell asleep
    Earthquake – a little bit gairy but the bouncing was fun.
    Blues Brothers – boring
    Ghostbusters – what a load of nonsense that was. Much more fun to bounce around on a nearby bench. I was going through a bouncing phase at that time.
    Jimmy Neutron – I sat with Mummy and Harry on the special non-moving seats at the front. I stood on the seat and watched all the seats behind us bouncing up and down. It was funny.
    Shrek – heheheheheheheheheeeee

    Mummy’s note: If there’s no height restriction you can take tinies on as long as they can sit in their own seat. I didn’t think Jaws or Twister were suitable so we sat those out, along with Terminator which Harry sat out too. And even though it’s home to the purple dinosaur, the Barney play area is amazing.

    Final words from Mummy
    We did a lot of character greetings too which Steven didn’t seem too bothered about. Wasn’t scared of them, but mostly wasn’t really that interested. Tried to shove his hand in Lilo’s mouth which amused Stitch but not really much interaction elsewhere, just the odd stroke of a paw.

    He seemed ok with fireworks – we saw Fantasmic, and Wishes at MVMCP and he was not bothered by the noise.

    He did more than we expected.

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