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jedi trippie 70

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Dawn, Sep 22, 2008.

  1. Dawn

    Dawn carpe diem-ing Forum Host

    Jun 29, 2008
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    In the red...
    I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway

    Steven here again. Today I’m going to tell you all about the trials and tribulations of food on holiday when you’re little like I was.

    At the time I was still drinking formula milk and I’d just started to eat food with bits in it. I could do some finger foods too, like toast and marmite. Mummy and Daddy needed to do a bit of forward planning to make sure I got enough to eat and drink. The formula milk that I drunk was available in England in pre-measured 6oz feed sachets so what Mummy did was, instead to moving me on to 3 bigger milk feeds a day, she kept me on 4 6oz milk feeds a day. That way she could buy lots of these sachets and not have to worry about taking big tins of milk and measuring stuff with us. Mummy bought enough sachets to last for the whole of the holiday and then some extra for emergencies. They were packed in all the little corners of the luggage and didn’t take up much space at all.

    Bottles: I had some special disposable bottles for on the plane ride and cartons of pre-mixed milk. The rest of my bottles were in the big bags along with a travel kettle to boil water. I didn’t have my bottles sterilized any more, but Daddy washed them everyday with very hot water. Mummy or Daddy boiled a kettle full of water each night and in the morning it had cooled down ready to be poured into the bottles. Mummy poured 6oz of water into each bottle and then when it was time for milk, she just tipped in a sachet of milk gave it a good shake, and it was all ready for me. That way we didn’t have to worry about keeping my milk cool all day.

    I only drink water all other times so my sippy cup was washed each day and filled with cooled boiled water for me to drink whenever I wanted it.

    Food was a bit trickier. Mummy and Daddy packed some jars of food for the flight, and some to last a couple of days but we needed to go shopping to buy me some more food when we got there. Auntie Tink had told Mummy how to get to a Publix and we all went there on the first morning to get food for me and snacks and drinks for everyone else.

    Fruit and veg was easy. Bananas, apples, and baby carrots. Bananas are my very favourites and I have one every day usually, either for breakfast or just as a snack. The lady who told Mummy about weaning me said I’d only eat about a quarter of a banana to start with but by the second day of solid food I was already eating a whole one because they are so yummy. I think Auntie Joanne should find a banana smilie especially for me.

    Other food was a bit trickier because it was all so different from what I had at home. Mummy cooked most of my food and still does, and I only had jars of food now and then. The jars in Florida were all different and the labels said they were full of things that none of us had ever heard of. Mummy wasn’t sure about feeding me things where some of the ingredients had more than 5 syllables but we had to get them as that was all they had. They didn’t taste too bad, but then again I’ll eat anything. Thing was though, there was no lumps. Well not many lumps. I had food at home with nice little chunks of carrot and pasta and lots of other things. These jars of food, even some of those for older babies, were mostly smooth. Some of the jars had added “texture†but who knows what the texture was. It didn’t look like anything we’d ever seen before. Oh well, it’s only really for one meal a day and only for two weeks. We did, however, find some yummy biscuits for me. I can’t remember the exact name but they were made by Gerbers and they were banana shaped, and banana flavoured. They were so nice Mummy bought two boxes to bring home with us.

    So my typical day with food went something like this:

    Breakfast. Mostly we ate at the food court where I had either a banana or a piece of toast. One day I had a blueberry muffin but I wasn’t that impressed with it so mostly threw it about.

    Snacks. Banana biscuits, little carrots, a lick of Daddy’s ice cream, pots of apple sauce, that kind of stuff.

    Lunch. Mostly for lunch I had a jar of food, followed by either some fruit, a pot of apple sauce, or a jar of dessert type stuff. But one time we ate in this big kitchen for lunch and Mummy got told off by my new Uncle Tim for feeding me her green beans. I didn’t mind because I like green beans but Uncle Tim thought Mummy was naughty.

    Dinner. Dinner was mostly whatever other people gave me to eat. Harry shared his chicken strips with me one night. Ellie shared her apple sauce with me, Mummy shared her dinner with me, Daddy shared his dinner with me. I ate all sorts of things. Most of them yummy. Mostly I didn’t get a special meal ordered just for me because Mummy and Daddy couldn’t justify the cost. At Denny’s though the children’s menu was only $2.49 so I had my very own bowl of very yellow macaroni and cheese and then a 99c bowl of ice cream all to myself. Oh and at Perkins I had my own plate of steamed broccoli, which is nearly as nice as banana but not quite.

    Sometimes lunch and dinner got switched round depending on where we ate. Also we ate at a few buffet restaurants which meant that as I was so little I could eat as much as I liked for free. I had macaroni and cheese at most places, except for the Breakfastasaurus because you don’t have macaroni and cheese for breakfast. Oh but my very favourite was Cinderella’s Gala Feast. I had some of the vegetable lasagne from the grown-ups buffet, and lots of carrots and broccoli. I tried to give Cinderella a piece of my broccoli but it missed her mouth and slapped her on the cheek. She didn’t mind though and still gave me a kiss, even though I was covered in broccoli bits.

    Mostly that concludes my dining trip report. I think it was easier for Mummy and Daddy because I’d started to eat proper food before we went so I didn’t have to live on jars of “texture†and monohydroglyceridrates or whatever they were. I could eat nearly the same food as everyone else, just mashed into little pieces.

    My very favourite holiday food? Not banana because I have that normally. My very favourite holiday food was, I think the biscuits you get at the Red Lobster. They are Daddy’s favourites too. I can’t wait to go back to try more new foods.:vibe:

    Mummy’s note: Ummmmm, it was easier than we thought feeding Steven, though I was seriously not impressed with the additives in jars of baby food. We tried to keep them down to just one a day mostly and as Steven says, he got plenty of real food from everyone else. And if all else failed, there was always bananas.

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