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Jedi trippie - part 16

Discussion in 'Trip Reports' started by Dawn, Jul 5, 2008.

  1. Dawn

    Dawn carpe diem-ing Forum Host

    Jun 29, 2008
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    In the red...
    I'm gonna see Mickey Mouse

    Saturday 1st December – Ellie’s 6th birthday

    We are awakened by Steven at 3am again. This time instead of getting up Adrian and myself take it in turns to nap and watch Steven who played away a couple of hours with his new safari hat which is turning out to be the buy of the millennium (all 3 years of it so far).


    At 6.30am I knock on Nanny Lesley’s door to offer caffeinated beverages but she already is on her 95th cup of tea thanks to her travel kettle and some teabags borrowed from the food court yesterday. Here I am given the story behind the mysterious turning off toward Old Key West by Big Steve last night. They followed the wrong car. Our car is dark green: they followed a grey one, apparently these colours look the same in the dark. But wait, it gets better. After realising their error and turning round to find the right way home, Big Steve suddenly announces that they have left their camera in The Rainforest Café. So turn around again they do, and head back to Downtown Disney. They enquire at the restaurant but no camera has been turned in. Well that’s that they think; the camera has gone. They get back into the car and manage to get back to All Star Movies without further incident. When they get out of the car and start unloading their shopping bags they come across the camera case, which is safely holding their camera. Apparently Steve gave it to Lisa to look after and she put it in the car and instantly forgot she had done that (as she is prone to do) so they went on a wild goose, or camera, chase for nothing. Told you they were not organised.

    But anyway today is a new day and today is also the day that Ellie turns the big 6. Everybody is up and about: we know this as we can hear Harry out on the balcony/walkway/corridor thing. What is the correct term for that bit that runs along the front of all the rooms? We have to wait before we can enter to present the gifts as Big Steve is…well he’s still in his underwear apparently and as I haven’t seen my brother in his underwear since he was about 6 I politely decline the offer to enter their room and wait outside until all relevant items of clothing are on.

    Ellie already has a personal CD player from Mummy and Daddy and a teddy bear from Harry, and a Powerpuff Girls birthday balloon that we managed to smuggle back from Publix yesterday without her seeing. We presented our cards and gifts and managed to convince her that Baby Steven had written in his card himself. Well he did, I just helped him steady the pen a bit. Ellie was thrilled with her Pooh/Piglet nightshirt but her eyes nearly popped right out of her head when she opened the card from Nanny Lesley and Grandad Fred and found dollars inside. Real dollars. Real spending money of her own to buy whatever she wanted with it. And not just a few dollars either: more than a 6-year-old should have but Grandad Fred has a soft spot for Ellie. Big Steve took charge of the money and said that he would have to approve all her purchase choices so that she did not waste it all on popcorn and ice cream.

    After all this excitement we adjourn to the food court for some breakfast. I can’t remember what we had but it may have been a cherry Danish. Steven had a banana that’s for sure. On the way back to the rooms Ellie stopped to take some photos of the giant Buzz and Woody with the Barbie disposable camera that Nanny Lesley had found in the duty free shop. She’ll now have a fine photo of the Bo Peep figure with, shall we say a less than petite, woman in the foreground who politely chose the exact moment of shutter clicking to go charging in front of Ellie. However, we all found it amusing that Ellie had managed to catch of photo of possibly the largest lady in the resort and accepted her apologies cheerfully before running into the lift giggling. Here we set about the routine battle about whether Ellie or Harry would be the one to press the buttons on the lift. Ellie probably won today because it was her birthday, but some days there were tears shed over who got to press the button. It’s a big deal to small children I can tell you; the responsibility of depositing your family members on the correct floor is not one to be taken lightly.

    We return to our rooms to prepare for the day and agree to meet on the balcony (I don’t know the correct term but we always referred to it at the balcony) at 8.15am. I am preparing Steven’s essential supplies of bottles, food, nappies, etc, etc when I become aware of a repetitive noise coming from Nanny Lesley’s room. Here I should point out that Nanny Lesley’s room and our room were actually connecting rooms with the door between them. We never asked for these but were assigned them by the resort. We never used the connecting door as that’s where Steven’s crib/cot sat. One thing I should point out about the connecting doors is that they greatly reduce the soundproofing between rooms. Any time Steven started crying or making a loud noise, Nanny Lesley could hear it. But I digress. I am hearing this noise over and over again and work out after a short time that the noise is Harry’s voice so I go next door to investigate. The door is opened by Ellie and I enter to the following sight. Harry in his shorts, t-shirt, sandals, and new Mickey Mouse cap is running up and down the room along the foot of the beds yelling, “I’m gonna see Mickey Mouse,” over and over again. He must have kept this up for at least 10 minutes. Nanny Lesley was just sitting watching him and hoping this would mean he’d be worn out by lunchtime.
  2. Jodie

    Jodie Addicted to Mickey

    Jul 1, 2008
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    Yorkshire, England
    I'm gonna see Mickey Mouse!


  3. Mari

    Mari Serious Forum Regular

    Dec 17, 2008
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    Reading this report again :)

    He's going to see Mickey Mouse!! :)

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